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Wayne Cheah Dec 2011
As the years passed away,
The past is like a bouquet;
A blurry mix of colors and hues,
And just like yesterday's news,
We remember only a few.
But the past is never dead,
Some stay in our head;
Some we set them apart,
These stay in our heart.
Like still remembered dances,
And questions without answers,
The years reduce to traces,
Like so many unanswered prayers.
As the years passed away,
The past is like a bouquet,
Trying not to wilt today.
Wayne Cheah Dec 2011
As Christmas draws near,
just so you get it clear;
it's to hail a birth of ancient days,
it's to sing songs of quiet praise;
it's to raise a toast and be amazed,
it's to amend your dietary ways;
more than enriching makers of beer,
more than just temporary cheer;
more than seeing sparkles of light,
more than seeing a fat man in flight;
so let me whisper a secret in your ear,
it's to celebrate the death of fear.
Wayne Cheah Nov 2011
What keeps the stars apart?
I have often asked;
Is it Science, or is it Art?
As I boarded the bus.

What makes fire hot and water wet?
I have often asked;
You don't know the answer, I bet?
As I got off the bus.

One and one is two, we know by heart?
But once we are alerted,
Science is just like abstract Art,
Just a lot more introverted.

What keeps friends together?
I have often asked;
Is it Spirit, or is it Matter?
No, just wear no mask.

Why is life so complicated,
I have often asked;
Everything is calculated,
To shatter like glass.

Maybe it is quite simple after all?
I have often been told;
Cure first the things that are small,
Like the common cold.

I say what really really really matter,
I have often answered;
Is see above the skin, but below the feather,
And bury the dogs of war we butchered.
Wayne Cheah Sep 2011
It matters to me why
the sky is not blue today;
It matters to me why
my wine lost its bouquet.

It matters to me why
breathing is now harmful;
It matters to me why
we killed the Golden Rule.

Is it because we don't know
what is good from bad?,
Is it because we don't know
we have all gone mad?

Is it because we don't know
the sky is falling down?,
Is it because we don't know
Earth can again drown?

Sing the day at every dawn,
for the night may not come,
Sing the day at every dawn,
don't play deaf and dumb.

Savor the night when it comes,
for sweeter is the new morning;
Say a prayer when day is done,
blaming God is more appealing.
Wayne Cheah Dec 2010
Behind my old house
once grew a mango tree;
last year they chopped it down
to build a highway, toll free.

It never inspired much awe or poetry
it was like other mango trees,
under which I played since I was three
and was home to some possessive bees.        

When strong winds blew
it never bowed,
its branches somehow grew
that is until now.

The ground on which it stood
is now covered with asphalt,
and it will never be understood
as to who was really at fault.

And as for the bees
well, I never did like them,
but then you see
they were here longer than I am.

My neighbors and cousins
with whom I had lots of fun,
seek all sorts of reasons
why now we have none.

I can only say, for what's worth
when the Almighty does an inventory,
He may label planet Earth
"An old cemetery".
Wayne Cheah Dec 2010
There is a Professor Robbie,
who has a calculating hobby;
He delights in asking his pets,
with multiple inherent defects,
or not too brainy, to be exact.
If 2n is more or less than 2-n,
and 3x is same as 3 men, then,
the study of maths be banned.
With that Robbie will surely object,
for he makes a living on the subject;
He takes not too kindly our slow wit,
and chips away our esteem, digit-by-digit.
Equations after equations, he blast,
until one brave pet, at long last,
who sees more value in a candy bar,
than juggling numbers to solve algebra.
So Robbie, will you be ever so kindly,
spare the aging cells of these cuties,
singularly or simultaneously.
So loose no healthy slumber,
by chasing after prime-numbers;
And we who have trouble with dy or dx,
well, there is always graphic ***.
If you think this -- dX+2(x^2 - x*y^2)dy=0 -- is cool,
to make idiots out of fools,
do not be easily trapped,
into giving polite claps;
or stare at them with awe,
for they are nothing more,
than saying pluses can turn into minuses,
and at times even used as voodoo curses.
But Robbie will still caress them tenderly,
like they are his little babies,
annoying different people, differentially.
Wayne Cheah Dec 2010
As you embark on your study of the law,
which by all accounts has no real flaw;
Some kindly advice from a lawyer of old,
don't ever, ever believe what you are told;
Whereas, the above is no malicious deception,
Wherefore, the advice herein is the exception.
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