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Angel Sep 2013
But I could not accept that reality - the one that took the man who loved me out of his skin and zapped him into thin air; a cold hard truth that he would not be loving me tonight. He would not hold me again, kiss me again, or gently smooth his hands over my messy hair, my forehead perspiring from the humidity and your eyes glistening while you look up from me, as you kiss me. As you love me - and I can not lose you; neither can I live in such a denial as this
Angel May 2013
Take another breath
You are alone here
But only is your body
Your mind is connected
To all of those you love
Even after they are gone
Take another breath
The sky is still a beauty
And you are too
The way you've stayed alive
Kept yourself breathing
Standing, Driving, Reading
Take another breath and
Let him go
He couldn't love you
I'm sure he would have
If he could have
You can't blame yourself
You can't blame the world
& You can't blame him
Take another breath..
& Let him go.
Angel May 2013
Entwined duvet covers sleep atop the mattress-
Just as she awoke.

The first hours pass as the last hours passed-
She wishes he had spoke.

There are no available hands open to hold her tears-
Instead she turns to the smoke.

I've seen her laugh before and I have heard her smile-
Now she hides underneath a hazy cloak.

With a heave and a shove she gets the window to crack-
To let in air before the heat gives her a stroke.

The smoke rushes out, the cold rushes in and chills run down her spine-
A wallet and a heart are broke.

She slips away to sleep again to pass the time-
But soon the nightmares replay and her memories invoke.

Entwined duvet covers sleep atop the mattress-
Just the same as last night-
Just as she awoke.
I wrote this the day my brother left for the Navy. I wrote this the day my parents saw each other again. I wrote this the day my mom decided my dad meant nothing to her anymore. & I wrote this the day my dad decided nothing mattered anymore.
Angel Apr 2013
Sometimes I gain a consciousness
Towards what I've known was right all along.
And it has taken me a series of events,
To see that I am enriched with the wisdom that someone lacking may be wrong.
May God grant me a humble heart to strike a position that prevents
Another one from taking the color from out of my world; the story inside my song,
And I will hold on to myself as long as I remember my own flesh is where I belong.
Angel Apr 2013
Before I sat on the inside,
With a broken heart I rest my head.
Now I lay on the outside,
With a screaming mind I leave my bed.
Into the night I find you there,
With too much demise and exceeding pride,
You never knew how to care.
Give me, me.
I want myself returned.
I cannot watch my heart a blaze,
It continues on it's burn.
Angel Apr 2013
I thought my sail was straight enough
for you to get the perfect amount
of wind to share the sea

But you instead jumped off
The boat to swim to the dock
Which was not far off

And I sail alone now
With no one to share with the sea
That's how it will be,
Alone with the sea
Angel Apr 2013
Tonight the earth blows a riveter of wind between my ears,
From cheek to cheek the cold has stolen ice sculptures from tears,
I'm wondering what mighty god could save us from the glory years,
Saddened by the reflection at the end of those days in the mirrors.
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