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Warda Kashif Dec 2018
the weight is tiring and the spills burn
he stays steady because hes learned
but steady is a skill the young dont have
so he moves slowly
but every movement is a distaster
defeated and in pain
he holds that heavy *** in his shaking hands forever
Aug 2017 · 3.7k
Sand Castle in the Sky
Warda Kashif Aug 2017
High in the sky
The castle stands strong
Each grain packed together with trust
That they may never separate from each other
The rooms fill with the laughter of a young lady
His hand graze each corner as he follows the familiar scent of his love
He wraps his arms around her waist and breaths in home
She nestles deeper into strong arms

Grey clouds in the sky
The castles stands strong
Sturdy walls stand on a solid promise
To never let go of one another
He paces from one room to another raging in silence
She sits on the edge of her bed with her head held low
He wants revenge for hurt

Sun in the sky
The castle stands strong
Clear windows look out into a bright future
Of a happy life together
Hand in hand they dance through their dreams of solitude
She looks deep in his eyes and sees his soul
He looks deep in her eyes and sees her heart

Stars in the sky
The castle stands strong
Gold ceilings as high as the queens expectations
No one could reach any higher
He hangs from the chandelier to her every word
She wants more than she deserves
The castle is not big enough for their love

Thunder and lightning rip through the sky
Tearing through the sturdy walls
A chilling wind cracking the once clear windows
Piece by piece each grain falls
It crumbles at their feet
Amongst their unforgivable brawls
The castle is only made of sand
It no longer stands tall
May 2017 · 349
Warda Kashif May 2017
In the deep dark dusk of August

When the wind was still warm

This little bird was the only witness

It awoke early before the sun

Just like any other go getter would

Only to witness

The fall of a beautiful soul
To those who didn't make it. R.I.P.
May 2017 · 222
Cherry Blossoms
Warda Kashif May 2017
We are delicate cherry blossom flowers 
Only the sweet and soft rain could let us grow
But this same rain, when pressured into a raging storm
Tore us down
We broke off, drifted in the wind, and landed somewhere unknown
Jun 2015 · 788
Since you've been gone
Warda Kashif Jun 2015
In my head I see you smiling.
You're dreaming of something beautiful.
I hope it's the angels leading you to heaven.
That make your face glow in the morning light.

Tonight we are all crying.
It's the regrets and the unsaid words
They feel like a tonne on our chest
Please forgive me for what I have not said.

How do I free myself of this inevitablity?
If I fall asleep will I dream of reality?
Am I really awake in a world without you?
Why did the time stop since you've been gone?
Jun 2015 · 715
Warda Kashif Jun 2015
Tears of diamond
Crash on your shirt
Each one striking harder
At your empty heart

There was an arm
Around your shoulder
It grew lighter
As you grew older

Today it's gone
Never to be found
And these diamonds
Fall to the ground
For my mother and for her mother
Oct 2014 · 344
All Against One
Warda Kashif Oct 2014
Hate in forms of words that fire from their mouths.
There is no war but the one they create in their minds.
It's all against one and there is no ally.
We look for hope but there is no leeway.
Even the right decisions are incorrect
And the compassion is regret.
The skies are clear, but the ground still shakes
Thus, grey days are better in their wakes.
It's not all over, I know
It's just the beginning, but im losing hope.
It's all against one and I'm the vitcim.
Feb 2014 · 3.5k
Warda Kashif Feb 2014
The crowd sits patiently
For magic
At the hands of this

He smiles at them
With every soul
The first trick of any

They prepare themselves
To not be cheated
By this intriguing

He entertains them into
His every act
Reassuring the conniving

The crowd goes wild
The magic on stage
Erupting from this

He smiles once again
Knowing the deciet
Of a trap set by a

The audience has been made
For believing
In this insincere
Nov 2013 · 723
Power of the Ocean
Warda Kashif Nov 2013
I feel the power of the ocean is the only metaphor to describe my feelings.
Everything hits me like a wave.
For a moment I am changed,  
but then I go back to my relaxed self like a slow and lazy river continuing on.
Jun 2013 · 691
Warda Kashif Jun 2013
Day turns to night.
Time keeps passing by.
The struggle to stay afloat.
Just gets harder as we go.
Don't bother reaching out your hand.
They will never understand.
Some want to push you down.
Hold you under water until you drown.
Warda Kashif Feb 2013
Drop the weight from your shoulders and relax your body
Take a deep breath in then exhale slowly.
Let your mind wander freely
Then smile carelessly.
Swing your legs softly
And rub your temples lightly
Whisper to your friend queitly
To share thoughts secretly.
Laugh very sweetly.
Live happily.
Live simply.
Feb 2013 · 2.8k
My Love For You
Warda Kashif Feb 2013
I love you baby,
From x approaching a limit of positive to negative infinity.
A range so large and domain so vast,
My love for you will always last.
The way my curve touches your tangent,
And how your secant meets me end to end.
When your line intersects my parabola,
We connect at one point of linear algebra.
You transform my altitude,
When my sinusoidal function allows you too.
You make my average rate of change,
Quicken and heighten in an instantaneous range.
For those days when my angle is in depression,
You tilt me up to an angle of elevation.
In an isosceles triangle,
You will always be my special angle.
The identities we cross,
Changing from tan to sin over cos.
Like sin²x with cos²x we are one,
It’s quite simple ***.
Your imaginary roots maybe out of this world,
But my zeros and intercepts will keep it real.
It’s a complicated equation,
To solve for my fascination.
It’s the beginning of our journey,
I hope we never come across an inequality.
I love you endlessly like x approaching positive and negative infinity.
I do not write my special loved ones math poems, I promise.
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
The Rates of Slopes
Warda Kashif Feb 2013
It’s been proven, it’s always true.
Let’s add some letters to represent the unknown.
Now 1x+1y=2
Please explain how?
This is a linear equation,
When we rearrange its formation.
Now let’s put it in standard notation.
What does this mean?
It’s an equation for a graph where the constant is always C.
Now to find a ***** for our graph,
We must yet again rearrange to get y=mx+b;
Where ‘m’ equals the ***** that we need.
Lets not forget m is also rise over run!
The rise equals ‘∆y’ and the run ‘∆x’.
If you have 2 exact points you can also use them to find ‘m’.

Now the average rate of change is much like the *****.
It is derived from the same formula but now we must develop.
Instead of simple digits we are presented graphical expressions.
We must calculate the average rate of their alterations.
A secant line would be helpful to move further.
A secant line is a line from one point to another.
By calculating the ***** of this secant line,
We will have the average rate of change between two periods of time.
Can there be a rate for an exact time?
Of course and that is called the instantaneous rate of change.
Instead of a secant line we shall use a tangent.
Up against the point it will give an approximation.
The x values will be so close,
It will create a limit of ‘x’ approaching 0.
Don’t be quick to leave there is still more.
The difference quotient is an expression,
To find the ***** of a secant line between two specifications.
This expression is then used to find,
The instantaneous rate of change or the average rate of change over a period of time.

I don’t mean to scare you,
But this is just the beginning of chapter 1.2.
This goes out to Advance Functions and Calculus and Vectors; you are taking over my life.
Jan 2013 · 837
Warda Kashif Jan 2013
I'll sway and I'll swim in the sea of your heart.
Then dive deep into that dark hidden part.
Where the treasures have gathered over the years.
Your passion and desire stored under your fears.
This sea held the terrors and struggles you faced in your days.
Then drowned them under piles of rough waves.
Keeping your world in the storm on the sea.
You protect your waters with ice bergs and the navy.
But I swayed with your current and came in with the tide.
Rested on your shore then took on your stride.
The sea in your heart cleansed my soul free.
I held my breath but your sea allowed me to breath.
Under the raging waters I saw the life that you hid.
It was beautiful and precious but to others you forbid.
Slowly the storms cleared and the sun began to shine.
I belonged in your sea and your sea was all mine.
Jan 2013 · 650
Warda Kashif Jan 2013
What's the point in stabbing a dead bird?
Poking the remains of a life that no longer exists.
What was once full of soul and light,
Is now is a decomposing pile of waste.
Jan 2013 · 460
This is the moment
Warda Kashif Jan 2013
Lost in the moment.
Lost in your fantasy.
Everything is a dream.
Nothing is reality.
Temptations run high.
Everything rushes by.
Not a second goes to waste.
No time to slow down and pace.
I'm here in your arms.
Just hold me tight.
Close your eyes.
Lets take in the night.
Everything is perfect.
Everything is right.
This is the moment.
This is the time.
Jan 2013 · 1.3k
Refreshing Senses
Warda Kashif Jan 2013
Feels like running my hands through water.
Smells like the freshness after rain.
Sounds like butterflies fluttering against a flower
Taste like a sweet candy cane.
Looks like a faraway dream come true.
And yes I'm talking about you.
A cute thought I had one day sitting alone by my rainy window.
Jan 2013 · 872
Ba-dum Ba-dum
Warda Kashif Jan 2013
Ba-dum ba-dum
Will you look into my eyes?
Oh please wont you be mine.

Ba-dum ba-dum
Are you listening to my words
Trying so hard for you to understand my love.

Ba-dum ba-dum
Can you smell my lingering scent?
After a long night of love we've spent.

Ba-dum ba-dum
How do I taste?
When we connect our lips in haste.

Ba-dum ba-dum
Do you feel my beating heart?
Strung together by your every breath.
Jan 2013 · 519
Falling Pieces
Warda Kashif Jan 2013
Your heart has been broken and so has mine.
Many times over by the same punch line.
You act so strong and stand so tall.
I smile real big yet feel so small.
But when destiny allows our paths to cross,
The affect of this broken heart becomes our greatest loss.
Numbing our emotions so we can't feel.
Denying this beautiful connection which could heal.
The words in my mouth taste stale and old.
While you become too realistic and cold.
We don't fall freely as we had before,
Because the pieces of our hearts are still falling to the floor.
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
It's your sweet boyish laugh filled with all the glee of the universe
It's your devilish stare revealing the thoughts I want to observe.
It's the way you make me feel, so silly and jolly, my face split in two with delight
It's the comfort and warmth of your body I long for so badly alone in bed at night
It's the serenity of the atmoshpere around us that makes me miss the dreamy world we exist in together.
It's how you allow me to drop the weight from my shoulders and freely float, flying further.

This is what keeps me from walking away.
This is what makes me weak.
Chokes my soul to know you are making another feel this way.
Why do I let you do this to me?

You tell me I don't deserve this pain; that you made a big mistake.
You tell me you regret all that you did.
You tell me it just wasn't the right time or place.
You tell me sorry for the words you never said.
You tell me everything will be okay
And you tell me you miss me everyday.

This is what keeps me from moving on.
This is what makes me weak.
And so I tell myself to be strong.
Why do I let you do this to me?

You have your faults and I have mine.
I am sure as time continues I'll be just fine.
Nov 2012 · 7.1k
If I had any super power...
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
If I had any super power I would want the power to control time.
To stop this moment
To relive the past
And to see the future.

If I had any super power I would want the power to control time.
To slow it down
To speed it up
And to play over.

If I had any super power I would want the power to control time.
To spend it wisely
To cherish it
And to learn from it.

If I had any super power I would want the power to control time.
Because it is the cruelest villain
It keeps moving regardless of our lives
It keeps ticking and tormenting
It claims to heal all wounds
It is the dictator of life.

I'd be stronger than super man
I'd be slicker than batman
I'd be bulkier than the hulk
I'd be faster than quicksilver
All because I'd have the power to control time.
Nov 2012 · 1.6k
F*&k you
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
Forever mine
Utterly lovely
Complete harmony
Kindness and caring

Years of admiration
Overjoyed with hope
Until it was all broken
Nov 2012 · 2.0k
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
The look in your eyes has got me mesmerized tonight.
Pick up your dreams, glue on some wings and watch them fly.
Over the mountain, through the clouds and out of sight.
But don't forget the world you will return to when you die.
All of my wishes are illuminating the path you travel
Hoping for the best, praying for your safety as you carry on
Steer clear of discouragement and at the distractions you must not marvel
Our love and support will make you strong.
I will hold your hand forevermore.
But keep your wings up and soar.
Close your eyes and dream.
Nov 2012 · 4.2k
My first kiss
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
It was sweet
and fast.
However, the feeling will always last.
It sent bolts of lightening down my spine,
And sparks of electricity through my soul.
A gust of wind across my mind,
And a bond that seemed indestructible.
That feeling of perfection.
That feeling of protection
Making my head spin in all directions.
How could such complexity come from such a light touch?

It seemed so safe
So innocent
So lovely
However, it meant so much more.
For this light connection opened doors.
This little joke, a small playful score.
How did it turn to something so magical?

It was light as a feather
Soft as a cloud
Sweet as candy
And addictive like a drug
This small connection could only be a kiss
A true kiss;
That wakes a princess from her sleep,
Turns a toad into a prince.

A kiss that happens in dreams
In fairy tales
And fantasies
However, it was real.
It was my first real fairy tale kiss.
Nov 2012 · 1.5k
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
Where the dreams lift the spirit,
You shattered my hopes.
Now there is only regret,
As I grasp the ropes.
The realms are darkened,
With the lies you spoke.
My eyes are blinded,
By the tales of folk.
Left me freezing in the cold.
As I travel on this lonely road.
Nov 2012 · 745
Can't Be Torn
Warda Kashif Nov 2012
The moon light shines on us,
Making us glow.
We are two bodies,
With one soul.
You kiss my lips,
I want more.
You hold me close,
I can't let go.
You whisper sweet things to me,
That make me soar.
We are bonded by love,
That can't be torn.

— The End —