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So deeply in pain, I was ready to let go
All the earth bound angels were praying for my soul
As my soul evaporated into the ether
I could hear her sweet soft whisper
It sounded like the wind "I'm here to deliver"
She was my guardian angel "Your time is not yet through
You have people to reach, you have things to do."
Oh how I wished my angel would have stayed
I would always be true, I would never stray
I wish that she'd come back, I cannot hide the tears
She gave me strength to live, she chased away my fears
She was real, she was absolutely genuine
Perhaps when this life is over we will meet again.
duane hall Jul 12
Stayed in bed till 3 p.m.
I feel like this could be the  end
I pull myself up off the floor
She doesn't live here anymore
She's gone and found somebody new
My world has turned from grey to blue
I need to do better I need to improve
My life is like a record stuck in a groove
My doctor tells me I could use a break
I'm Not sure how much more  I can take
Learning to feel, trying to heal
Searching for that which is ultimately real
Shadows are growing longer, it's almost time for bed
I sometimes think I might  be better off dead
My mind's gone numb, I feel completely hollow
Guess I'll call it a day and crawl back in my burrow.
duane hall Jul 11
Welcome to the west side where honesty's not required
Where things that really matter really don't inspire
Where substance is irrelevant, we only deal with style
While we stab you in the back,  we serve you with a smile
Cause we treat you with disrespect, no need to get hostile
Don't take it personal, you'll get over it after awhile
Where integrity is as fleeting as a whirlwind
Although we treat you with contempt, can't we still be friends?
Don't take it personal, it's our way of doing business
Deception is our mantra, in fact she's our holy mistress
I'll stay on the East side where talk is just not words
Where people are genuine and have higher standards.
This poem deals with the obvious different moral and philosophical standards between  the West and the East side of the State of Washington. The same could be said for the state of Oregon.
duane hall Jul 9
She told me she was genuine, she told me she was real
She told me lies with immaculate skill
When I looked into her eyes I saw love and affection
She was very skilled in the art of deception
I was blinded by her headlights, I couldn't see the road
Next thing I knew I had lost my load
I lost control, my semi had jack knifed
I was just another truck stop on the highway of life.
duane hall Jul 7
Let me tell you bout last July, was on the seventh day
A little blast of sunshine sorta came my way
She was an alluring angel of the highest degree
You should have seen the way that she was smiling at me
I tried my  best to resist her and the story in her eyes
I couldn't help but falling, she had me hypnotized
If I succumb to the seductions of her charms
Would I fall from grace, would it cause me harm
Do I dare tell her how I feel and make a fool of myself
If I don't tell her I'll be stuck here on my shelf
Deep in my heart I know it's just a season
Have I lost my way, have I lost my reason
I'm sure the people I know would label it as treason
My mind says no but my heart refuses to listen
Which one should I trust, It's time for a decision
I must follow my heart, I've always been a dreamer
At the risk of putting my heart and soul in mortal danger.
duane hall Jul 7
Bridges burn, relationships fade
I'm sorry for the errors that  I've made
Do I dare follow through, I've tried hard to resist
I can no longer be fake, I have to be honest
How is it possible to live with someone for so many years
But yet be so alone, I've shed so many tears
I met another woman, she stoked the fire in my heart
Would it be absurd to make another start
She awakened feelings that had long since died
Whenever I am with her I feel like I'm alive
The moment that  I met her I was born again
If I follow my heart would it be a sin
I'm in so deep I feel like I could drown
Should I stay the course or should I turn around
My life was going nowhere at the speed of light
I was going through the motions, I'd given up the fight
I can no longer pretend, I've got to be real
I'm sorry I can't hide it, that's the way I feel.
duane hall Jun 26
In my dreams you rescue me
In my dreams we're wild and free
In my dreams our life is free and easy
In my dreams you're still in love with me
Every single breath I took was yours
Why can't things be like they were before
In restless sleep I wake up with the dawn
I reach out to hold you, just to find that you are gone
Will my sadness ever end,  I swear you're in my room
I still smell the remnants of your sweet perfume
I'm haunted by the love that we used to know
For the life of me I thought you'd never go
You were my life, you were my very soul
Where my heart was is now a big  black hole.
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