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duane hall Mar 10
And she beckons me to follow down this wasteland avenue
She knows I can't resist her, I always never do
She's all I ever wanted, She's got me her in her grasp
She questions my commitment, as if she had to ask
She lures me with a smile, she' got me in her spell
I love this girl so deeply,  I' d follow her to hell
I've lost my friends and family, she's all that I have left
She stole my heart she stole my soul,  she's guilty of the theft  
She's my lover she's my mistress,  I just can't stay away
Give me just another shot to take away the pain
Her name is Crystal ****, she's got me by the *****
I just can't seem to get away, I'm headed for a fall.
duane hall Dec 2019
You and me, were always meant to be
When I wake up in the morning you are all I see
My friends tell me I've lost it, they tell me that I've changed
They say that I'm afflicted, they tell me I'm deranged
You and I were different in oh so many ways
But when I saw you smile, I couldn't stay away
My life was going nowhere at the speed of light
I tried hard to resist you, I tried with all my might
Before the day I met you I had nothing left to gain
But when you flashed that smile you melted all the pain
The life I knew is over, I never will go back
That fateful day I met you, You put my life on track
My heart had turned to stone, you turned it into jello
The day Cupid plucked his bow and pierced me with his arrow.
duane hall Sep 2019
Surround yourself with people who are genuine
The road of superficiality leads to ruin
You played the game,  they made you a star
Can you still play the games that got you this far
You acquired riches, you acquired fame
Everywhere you go people know your name
You had to compromise your standards, it was such a shame
The emptiness you feel , you have yourself to blame
You gained the world but  sold your soul
Your entire life is out of control
You're not the one pulling the strings
You're not in control of anything
You're owned by the people who shaped your career
The power brokers, the backroom puppet masters
Seems now your life is  one big disaster
You ask yourself "Is this really what I was after"
You can't turn around, you're in too deep
You medicate yourself just so you can sleep
You take uppers to get yourself going
You're totally numb, you gotta make a showing
You're tired of the drugs, you're tired of the *****
They made you an offer you should have refused
So many people wished they were you
They would gladly trade, they would wear your shoes
They're really not informed, they haven't got a clue
Your life's a charade, if they only knew.
duane hall Aug 2019
I'm sorry the payments are running late
I'm sorry we had to separate
You ended up with the entire estate
Even so I harbor you no ill fate
Father's Day has come and gone
It's  just another day,  I gotta move on
I didn't get a phone call, I didn't get a card
I guess I really shouldn't take it so hard
Especially since you poisoned the well
After we said our fond farewells
Do the kids still remember me
Or have you convinced them that  I'm absolutely crazy
You broke all your wedding vows
I got evicted from the house
I will admit I was never perfect
I didn't get on my knees and genuflect
I did however treat you with respect
Which I guess is something I shouldn't expect
I'll never understand how you went from hot to cold
When you decided to break up our household.
duane hall Aug 2019
Hey brother,  I  bet you thought I died
You didn't come to see me, you never even tried
Hey brother, I thought you were my friend
So many different times, I thought it was the end
The demons were gathering, they had me in their sight
My guardian angel whispered "Don't give up the fight."
I'd love to tell you life has been good
Truth is my soul's been pummeled, just like driftwood
To be absolutely clear, I harbor you no grudge
No hard feelings, I cannot  be your judge
As a result of this experience I've learned about compassion
I'll always be your friend in any situation.
duane hall Jul 2019
DNA, exploding in rapturous sin
It's the place where we all must begin
It determines  our next of kin
It helps explain the shape were in
We really have nothing to say
About who's involved in this grandiose play
We are all victims of fate
When  two people decide to replicate
We all must eat what's on our plate
It's beyond our control, there is no debate
It all comes down to a  roll of the dice
Sometimes it's sevens, sometimes its snake eyes
The results vary in every shape and size
It can be a curse or a blessing in disguise
The fortunate felines that have it made
The not so fortunate who would gladly trade
One thing about physical beauty, it's bound to fade
It's the inner beauty that's here to stay.
duane hall Jul 2019
So deeply in pain, I was ready to let go
All the earth bound angels were praying for my soul
As my soul dispersed into the ether
I heard her voice, It was a  sweet soft whisper
It sounded like the wind "I came  here to deliver"
I was totally at her will, I was ready to surrender
She was my guardian angel "Your time is not yet through
You have people to reach, you have many things to do."
Oh how I wished my angel would have stayed
I would always be true, I would never stray
I wish that she'd come back, I cannot hide the tears
She gave me strength to live, she chased away my fears
She was real, she was absolutely genuine
Perhaps when this life's over we will meet again.
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