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Vn Carlos Dec 2014
Somebody died tonight,
Beside the love of his life.

As she is covered in blanket,
In a peaceful slumber.

He is wide awake looking at the ceiling,
Lying like an unknown being.

She wakes up the next morning,
Without noticing...

Not even a single glance to
A man who has feelings...

He is still dying tomorrow night.
Vn Carlos Dec 2013
Minartsa mo ang entablado na may dalang titulo,
Binaba mo ang mga baitang,
ngunit ibinaba mo rin ang iyong kapangyarihan.

Ngayo't puyat ka maghapon at magdamag,
hindi upang turuan ang mga bata,
kundi upang humikayat,
tulog sa umaga't gising sa gabi,
upang makipagtalastasan:
at para sa kanila'y isang makina ka lamang.
at para sa kanila'y isang boses ka lamang.

**** sana'y paglipas ng panahon ay wag **** kalimutan.
may mahalaga ang bawat araw ng buhay mo,
upang ibangon ang kapwa mo.

Wag **** talikuran ang iyong misyon,
bagkus gawin mo ang iyong obligasyon.
isang makahulugang rebolusyon.
Vn Carlos Dec 2013
I am trembling...
and you are impending...
I am troubled...
and you are an over sized bubble...

I am chained to you...
as you are chained to her....

You're on your way out into the world...
with this trembling hands, I'll hold you still.
with this troubled mind, I'll look you in the eye and say:

Wake up Charlie... it's time to dream.
Vn Carlos Jun 2013
Believe me.
Seen you, I do not.
Believe in you. I do.
to acknowledge is to the son of man,
your existence is a must.
your non-existence is a tragedy.
yet you are the clarity
in what I do not see.
The remedy,
to what I don't want to feel.

To see is to believe.
to believe is to see.
to not see is to make believe.
Vn Copright 2013
Vn Carlos May 2013
I scribble this page with fright,
fearing of what I have been today,
the poet in me died.

A different being with a different thought,
what have I become?

this are my thoughts once,
who are these thoughts now?
VN © 2013
Vn Carlos Jun 2012
If God is a man

he must be a really bad game developer

the games is always on beta test.

and when it ends it impresses no one

even his self...
Vn Carlos Apr 2012
...It's hard to fight for what you believe...

Like proving to a dog that there is no other dog behind the mirror.

...if you believe that there is no one to believe into...
vn13 2012
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