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May 2019 · 142
Vivi Greene May 2019
where is home -
if not in your arms,
if not in the smiles on your lips,
if not in your words.

where is home -
if "you" splits into here and there
and i can never be everywhere.

where is home -
if you here make me laugh while
i cry because you there are not here.

where is home -
if not in me.
Jun 2018 · 395
we are young
Vivi Greene Jun 2018
ready to colour the world
the way we yearn for it
to shine -
it will be hard to paint
if we let them put us in chains
Jun 2018 · 518
Vivi Greene Jun 2018
if i'm thinking of the future -
am i not wasting my present?
May 2018 · 242
not today
Vivi Greene May 2018
whatever you say
won't modify my mind.
don't you worry, oh!
i'm falling for you -
just not today.
Apr 2018 · 381
meant to move
Vivi Greene Apr 2018
it is not possible
to stay the same.
there is movement!
we are all
meant to move.
i am still me -
just different, maybe
a brighter version.
Jan 2018 · 313
lass uns explodieren
Vivi Greene Jan 2018
a feeble face twisted in a circled drop

sarcastic sceptism reaching the moon

internal innocence pleading to scream

tiny thoughts crying for change

moving minds ready to explode
Jan 2018 · 273
en casa
Vivi Greene Jan 2018
i am my own home
wherever i go -
feeling safe,
feeling comfortable
to become
able to exist
for you.
Jan 2018 · 219
Vivi Greene Jan 2018
too much positive energy

inside of me too much


i can't help but break out

into a broad smile
Nov 2017 · 228
a cliff
Vivi Greene Nov 2017
i'm balancing
on a cliff of memories and wishes
neither reminiscing too much
nor thinking a lot about the future.
where am i?
i think it is
the present.
Nov 2017 · 228
Vivi Greene Nov 2017
full with spirit or desire
write another plot
illustrate how world will
turn out beautiful
Oct 2017 · 203
we'll fly
Vivi Greene Oct 2017
come on, let's change the world today,
the obstacles will be there anyway.
i am sure if we just try -
we'll fly.
Sep 2017 · 212
just humans
Vivi Greene Sep 2017
today a black man told me:
our lips, our noses, our hearts -
they are all the same it's
just the melanin in our
skin that makes
people think we are different.
and I thought man - that's true,
but you could as well say we
are all just humans.
Sep 2017 · 272
saying goodbye
Vivi Greene Sep 2017
i'm saying goodbye -
even if you don't
want to meet me again.

i'm saying goodbye -
knowing i will probably
never see you again.

i'm saying goodbye -
being sure i will never
love you again.

i'm saying goodbye -
to free my mind

Sep 2017 · 303
freigeist (10w)
Vivi Greene Sep 2017
sing a song of
soaking up the sun -
Jul 2017 · 255
Vivi Greene Jul 2017
we are visitors
in our own bodies
taking care of them
for a lifetime,
but we are also visitors
in this world -
therefore let's caress
it like we cherish
Jul 2017 · 557
light soul (10w)
Vivi Greene Jul 2017
try embracing them feelings all smiling with your light soul
Jul 2017 · 199
and now?
Vivi Greene Jul 2017
I’m falling so deeply in
love with you
that I’m totally torn between
fearing my heart break and
enjoying the pain
you cause not loving me
but her.
Jul 2017 · 209
Vivi Greene Jul 2017
how come I am only now
that I am sure leaving in a few weeks
getting to know you like I
always wished i would?
Jul 2017 · 198
Vivi Greene Jul 2017
I really like being me.
and I love it, that
you are you.
Jun 2017 · 282
Vivi Greene Jun 2017
be active or inactive?
fight or wait?
push or pull?
each decision leads
me in a totally
different direction.
which one do I want?
which one do I need?
I guess this gaping hole
of a missing answer
is impossible
to fill.
May 2017 · 381
what we are
Vivi Greene May 2017
We are
the sun
reaching out
its rays to
create heaven
on earth.
May 2017 · 261
ode to weather
Vivi Greene May 2017
change my mind.
change my mood.
but don't change your changes.
cause I depend on you.
in every second, all of me
is following your path.
I try to keep smiling,
but you keep me down.
I try to stay calm,
but you make me drown.
when your light
is shining on me,
you warm my heart.
from the inside.
cause I depend on you.
May 2017 · 325
growing up
Vivi Greene May 2017
What do I see when
I look back at
my childhood?
I catch a few glimpses
of long forgotten memories
and already achieved dreams,
but what is overwhelming is
the intense feeling of
warmth and security.
May 2017 · 1.5k
Vivi Greene May 2017
Who decides about what is pretty
if what really is beautiful
is the ability
to see the incredibility
in every single
grain of dust?
Apr 2017 · 292
addicted to thoughts
Vivi Greene Apr 2017
I breathe in
I breathe out
with my eyes closed,
try to empty
my mind
but images keep
swirling around
in my head,
I suppose I'm
addicted to thoughts.
Apr 2017 · 625
Vivi Greene Apr 2017
tell me
what it is that
keeps you awake at nights
and distracts you
as daylight intends to
keep your attention focused.
do you care about what
makes my mind move?
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
a paradox
Vivi Greene Apr 2017
I guess
the greatest secret for every human
is the not knowing
of what’s going on
in the head of the ones
surrounding you.
now just realize
that they are aching to know
the same of you.
this paradox
sounds easy to get solved,
but so hard to become reality.
Mar 2017 · 784
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
I lay flat
on the ground underneath
my warm skin I feel
the cold grass,
I sink into the earth as
we become one
while the first rays of sun
kiss my skin and
welcome me back
to life.
Mar 2017 · 685
inner tree
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
an inner tree
rooted deep down in my body
keeps me going.
it is what some describe as
inner peace,
true happiness,
the source of love,
and I describe as
strength to deal
with everything that is not.
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
inspiring atmosphere
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
a hot, steaming coffee,
a deliciously soft and sweet cake,
relaxing music in an
urban café.
that's where I write
my poetry.
Mar 2017 · 377
the place I call home
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
I had this feeling
once when I first flew
like a bird
to explore the world
and I came back to
the place I call home

I felt that I could only travel
when returning somewhere afterwards,
not somewhere - return to
the place I call home

I realised that I could only
call it home after having been away,
and that this feeling intensified
the longer I was surrounded by the foreign
before finding my way back to
the place I call home

but only now do I notice
how lucky I am
to have a place
I can call
Mar 2017 · 280
a thought
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
How do you know that someone is your friend? There is no answer to that question. You just know. It's like falling in love. There is no exact moment, no defined way. It just happens. Therefore...shouldn't we also call that certain instant "to fall in friendship"? Sounds quiet pretty.
Mar 2017 · 4.4k
love letter to myself
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
I look in the mirror
and see a wonderful girl
with big brown eyes and short brown hair
I smile, what a contagious smile
I can't help but smile even broader
I muster my body
I think of all the perfect thin models
and embrace myself out of joy for not looking like them
I love all my weird habits
as well as my beautiful
character traits
and I love the fact that I'm
completely unperfect.
I appreciate everything
my life offers for me,
I am grateful for every instant
I am able to enjoy my surroundings.
I have to admit
I have fallen
deeply in love
with myself.
Mar 2017 · 371
a thought
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
When two people meet - no matter if they are strangers or friends - two whole life stories connect. And for a moment these two people create another part - an equal part - together. Later on they continue living their lives, meeting other people and like this sharing another instant of mutual storytelling.
Mar 2017 · 279
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
it may be the right person
a shivering in your body
and a feeling you can't forget
but when the time isn't right
all that
doesn't matter
everything you might imagine,
you hope for
needs the approval
of the whole universe,
of time
Mar 2017 · 265
Vivi Greene Mar 2017
but happy
there is no energy
left in my body
and yet so much
to do
today I gave so much
and yet
do they expect so
much more
how on earth is anybody
going to fulfill all that?
at least I'm proud of what
I achieved.
Feb 2017 · 228
Vivi Greene Feb 2017
To enjoy the moment between
pleasant anticipation
and beautiful memories.
That’s what I call art.
Feb 2017 · 238
like travelling
Vivi Greene Feb 2017
life is a voyage.
you know one day it will end.
why do we tend to forget that so often?
when knowing that the end
comes soon you start enjoying things
quite more intensive.
it’s like travelling,
just a little longer.
Feb 2017 · 301
Vivi Greene Feb 2017
take it all
too serious
don't make life
harder than it is
enjoy everything
not just the good parts
and feel free to
be happy
as well as being sad
so sit down and relax
and let it flow
like the waves of the
sea come and go
your emotions
Feb 2017 · 166
Vivi Greene Feb 2017
Language gives people power.
Write it down and it won’t be forgotten.
Or at least it will be heard.
Will it be heard?
If you have got the opportunity
Then use it.
Make the words your own.
So that they will be heard.
And not be forgotten.

— The End —