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Vishal Gupta Mar 2018
sometimes, striving
makes more sense
instead of slipping
into deep slumber.
sometimes, giving
up of few things.
letting go few people.
makes more sense
rather than holding
onto them. and
bestowing forever
scars to your own soul.
Vishal Gupta Feb 2018
lets do a thing.
i lock everything
i have for you. in
a cupboard. and

you also find and
keep things there,
only if you have any.

lets rewind the
clock. take it to
few months back.

little you become
stranger to me.
little i try to be
stranger to you.

little I'll cover
distance for you.
little you'll cover
for yourself only.
Vishal Gupta Feb 2018
I wonder if
your silence.
is affixed to
my chaos.

Each time
you impose
your silence
on me.

It triggers
my chaos.
putting stop
to my calm.

Then i drown
and drown,
and drown,
into restlessness.
Vishal Gupta Jan 2018
my darkness
falls vulnerable.
against the shine.
of your eyes.

but you opt
to keep them

the cacophony
eco less. in mind
against  the chaos
of yours.

but you opt
to keep yourself
Vishal Gupta Jan 2018
And once you get
homeless. It's fine
to remain same.

for seeking shelter
in you is easy and
less insecure.

building new home
is tough. with the fear
of being homeless.

your belongings stays
at the old one. for which
you look behind. always.
Vishal Gupta Jan 2018
By the time
I've read you.
and gave you
my whole.

It was only
night. all over.
and you were
not there. then

       - you (a shadow)
Vishal Gupta Jan 2018
I fail
I fail and
I fail to sail.
I travel or wander
less these days.
for the way places
move around my eyes.

Similarly, memories
go round and round,
around my mind.
As if it's some movie
running inside. mind

I find my heart
harboured at yours.
too tight to move.
I travel or wander.
less these days.

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