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Virgilio Wilson Jul 2016
In darkness I've maneuvered
In light I've reincarnated
With 5 green leaves I was crowned Eastern Spirit of Aqua(Aquarius)
No wickedness against eye shall prosper
"Lord Virgilius"
For eye am the second crowned carnation of the East along my mother "Ginua Hustanus" the Goddess of the third sign of the sun(Gemini)
Ordained by our Prime Creator(God)
Touched by our Ancestral Majesty
Virgilio Wilson Apr 2016
I grew up always feeling alone
No friends so always at home
Waiting for Drake & Josh to come on
No sleep so the lights were always on
Dressed in all black
Confidence is what I lacked
Heart on my sleeve
Scars on my back
Old Adidas on my feet
A wrinkled black shirt to match
Hair wild and ***** with a blue knitted hat
Was only 15 years of age with **** and cigarettes in my knapsack
Thinking if life is gonna be this lonley
God could take this crap back
Virgilio Wilson Apr 2016
Life is short
Love is long
Heartbeat for the love
Of my favorite song
I play my guitar
I play it wrong
Love is life
But life is gone
If I don't have you
Love is wrong
0nly if I could fly to
Where you belong
Would you hold my hand
All the way on?
Would you forgive me
If I'm wrong?
I hope you do before I'm gone
Cause life is short
Buy my love is long

— The End —