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Nevil Sep 2020
I’m afraid,
I’m afraid of love,
I’m afraid of loving you wholeheartedly,
I’m afraid of giving you all of me,
All of me mounted, packed and given to you
in that chip called love,
I’m afraid of uncertainties that lie ahead,
When, no! If I give my all self to you,
With all the hurt, unresolved conflicts,
misconfigured relationships,
Am a misfit when it comes to love,
I do love but I do it better on the defensive
edge because,
I’m afraid,
Afraid of getting out of this line and get hurt,
At least this lane makes me feel safe,
unafraid of the hurt,
They say pain hurts, and hope strengthens,
but fear drives faith,
I fear loving you with all my heart,
I fear letting you see that I can be vulnerable, and
I fear showing you all kinds of love I never was given,
Guess I’m now making false excuses,
I just didn’t want you to feel what was denied me,
Or better yet, saw no need of showing you,
And so,
I’m afraid I haven’t shown you the kind of love
a father has to have towards his children.
This poem is about a Father who doesn't know how to express his love towards his children. I heard that all parents love their's  just  how they show that love that's different.
Nevil Feb 2020
How can I bring myself to say ‘I love you’?
when all I see is a deep ocean of doubt?
How am I to tell you, that my knowledge of love
isn’t one of two lovers cuddling under the moonlight,
lying in the green canvas as our sensational touch splinters the dawn of day?
How do I say the 143 when I’ve always known one of betrayal,
pain being the impending trial?
How do I say to you, I’m in love with you yet I’ve encased my heart with the Antonine wall?
Denial’s the concierge to my heart’s doors,
I’m just afraid to let the walls free fall, lose my only atonement of protection for my frail heart,
But for our love’s sake I’ll let loose these walls, let them crumble,
let them crush and burn into dust, as your love melts these
barricade into wishful thinking,
As all my fears wear out and disappear, your love invades the unrivaled sparks of my heart,
Like deep roots of the white oak, your love has taken a toil over me
You have redefined my heart’s folly norm of what love is,
Our love is more profound than the depths of the ocean,
it drives men out of their *****,
pirates would trade pearls for what we have,
Our love has conquered the fearsome of storms,
it’s like a phantom ship that captains relish,
every adventurer wishes to board, that is our love.
You’ve changed my whole perspective of love, and now I can confidently say,
Nevil Feb 2020
I heard a lot about You, I didn’t know you
A lot I heard from hardened hearts about you
I wished I could believe that you were
Or at least hoped you were
I contemplated on what to believe, should I go
With the pirated know-how I’ve heard?
How hard it was for my ears to listen throughout the years
The different views each has of you
I wondered if you were and longed to know if you truly you are
So I called out to you.
I called out to you, not once or twice
I deemed it not fit to question them, so I questioned you instead
Not twice or thrice, but more than I’d ought to count
I hoped to stead on a steady reply if you really were
Supposedly if you were you’d listen, you’d reply
And I’d hearken to your voice
You’d be my choice if you are.
You gave ear to my voice, you voiced out to me
You voiced your reply, you said
‘I am real, I do feel, I am most of what you’ve heard’
I wanted to know you more, so you showed me your word
Told me of the Word, the priceless sacrifice you made
Gave me freedom by the cross, took all of my disgrace,
Gave me life by your grace, broke all my chains,
Paid my debt, took me in as your child.
So I learnt that you were, you still are, you always will be
The humble king, the perfect sacrifice that atoned for my sins
You are real, you do feel, you are love
Love that paid it all for me, love that lay it all on the cross that I’d live
I’m yours and you are mine, I’m your child.
Nevil Feb 2020
Her silver hair shines
On the silver screen it shines,
Like a grotesque figure
Perhaps with vigor, I could figure  
The perfection it displays on her figure.

Her face glitters when she smiles
White teeth perfectly set, to fit the warmth of her heart
If only I could steal her heart, like the glimpse I took of her smile
Her smile airlifts me miles into unwarranted insanity.

Her silky hair flails perfectly with the rhythm of the wind,
Be that I could feel the tenderness it eludes on the course of the wind,
Tracing the direction of the breeze across the sandy castles
How I opt for a simple touch,
Maybe even emanate an unforgettable essence, a Thumbelina fairytale.

Her long soft silky hair perfectly trails to her waist
As I patch her head on my lap
The mere feeling of her warm moist skin on mine
Sends tingles down my spine,
Wish it be true to the hand, the chills I feel upon her touch.

Ladies of nobility have had a fair share of beauty praises
But none as perfect as her
The beautiful goddess Athena cannot measure up,
Samson had his hair, strength they gave him
She had hers, her perfectly intriguing beauty that gets men aloof
Her pretty face, so hand-perfect with her laced curves
Fit to inspire a sure turmoil amongst men
Blazes ice-cold amnesia
Losing themselves in her dazzling beauty.

What a startling girl she is!
Her delicate rosy lips are just so lovely, wish I could kiss them.
What tha…? Did my heart just escalate into a rhythmical heartbeats race for her?
Truth be told, she is a dear. She is lovely and I love her.
Nevil Feb 2020
Across the mountain is the ray
The blue visual ray
On the Silva it shines, wherefores’ green
The iridescent scattered ray
Shines across the glassy green grass.
Scattered is the ray that shines
Past the aura, the Silva gives
Thick is the darkness that bewilders the forest
Yet casts light the ray,
Bright light it casts on the Silva tree by the riverbank.
Cool is the water that flows in the Silva leaves
Flawlessly, gently it flows in the Silva veins
As the water drips on the green crispy leaf
Drip drop into the crystal river.
Likened unto the river water crushing
The rocks beneath’s  the Silva roots
Plenty it gives, it doesn’t loot, in due season it gives
Reason for the cool breeze in Summer.
Silva leaves gracefully sway in the wind
Wind that blows and forcefully rampages
Still on the headlights the Silva stands
Steadfast it stands motionless on its roots.
Silva’s the tree, the Almighty’s the root
One that arms but does not clamp
The Almighty wings the Silva tree by the riverbank
Has not the Almighty set the Silva tree in His love?
The tree that stands out amidst the forest
Stunning’s the Silva tree in the Almighty’s eyes,
The Almighty’s masterpiece.
With a new day comes new strength
And new thoughts, as for us dear
With a new day, the Almighty brings new chances
He brought light into our world
With a new day, Sylvia our light came
Nevil Jan 2020
They say love is blind, is it?
That which makes men reason with thine hearts
My eyes have beheld an angel, such intriguing beauty, so they say
What a warrant! For a simple closure of their brains
So to withhold their thick skulls from reasoning
Oh! How beckoning it is to reason with thine hearts?
Just to flow in the rhythm of love, oh yes! It reckons from within
The deep abyss of thine fairytale heart.
Oh Elizabeth, how I love you so…I’ll be right by you for all ages
Till the end, says the chapman
Oh Ruth shall I behold you in my *****, I in your embrace and you in mine,
We will be together, ill swim in the warmth of your kisses, says the perfect one
They see not the past days, nor those to come, all for love’s sake they live for the present
Surely love is like the wind, it can never be seen
But it always is felt,
A simple feeling fit to drive men from sanity.
Love is the wind, it has no real destination, it instead goeth in all direction
From the lumberjack, professor, unrued stud
It spreads its fiery blazes through my heart
Such flames only she can freeze.
Love is divine, none can explain its originality except,

I loved you from the moment I set my eyes on you, I knew you were the one
Be it that the origins of love are untraceable, love sure is the end for most men,
Oh Dina you’ll be the death of me, says the sullied one
Oh Aisha, my sweet Aisha none can much your beauty, you are my first and last, says the mouthpiece
Oh Sylvia I knew not what love meant, till I met you,
Come aboard my beloved, let us sail to the land of tomorrow,
On our voyage of love, says the short fat tucked one.
Mercy, you are my sweet delicate rose, your red wine-stained lips,
The petals of my sweet rose, I want to spend every second of my life with you
Till my last breathe, says the tall dark fellow.
Love is the wind, love is surely as blind as a bat and the most proficient end for most men.

— The End —