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The way she underlines
her favorite parts in this book
says more than words could.

She never draws straight,
but scribbles little lines
that connect the syllables
in the same way
she etches her little things
one by one, piece by piece
into something worth reading.

I want to highlight
each beautiful characteristic,
underline with sharpie
so her imprint is permanent,
write notes in the margin
to ensure I never forget.

 Aug 2014 Victoria S
Madisen Kuhn
i guess you only like girls who are broken
and want to be hurt, like your hands
around her neck, want
bruises and cuts
in the shape of a heart,
inhaling and choking on your affection
like she needs it to breathe

translucent skin stretched across
veins that pump nicotine and you
you, you, you, you, you

judgement clouded by hyper-dependent
infatuation and the need to heal her
hollowness, although you’ll only ever be
another teardrop on her pillowcase
while she hums herself to sleep
with midnight lies

“the loss of you would be the loss of my life”

and the saddest part
is that i almost let myself fall
back into becoming that
lifeless, empty girl
once more because i thought it might
make you love me again.
written on 3/22/14
 Jul 2014 Victoria S
Megan Grace
t  h  i  s
mis sour i
a  i  r       i  s
because  i swear
you've breathed  it
all in and out so now
i'm  left   searching  for
microscopic bits of it that
haven't touched your teeth
"And the water rolls down the drain
The water rolls down the drain
Oh, what a lonely thing
In a lonely drain
July, July, July
It never seemed so strange"
-The Decemberists
You fell in love with me.

I just hope you jumped.
Not slipped.
 May 2014 Victoria S
There's a faded scar on my right shoulder
from three summers ago,
two more on my left from this winter.
One on my chin from the pavement
that got the better of an 8 year old
who couldn't say "no",
and another on my wrist
to remind me that metal detectors
no longer find me empty.

It's alright that you left,
but please don't act
like I'll just be okay again.
I don't heal well,
never have.
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