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Victoria Reese Jul 2013
The need for love is obsolete - and dead
When life is so fast with frictional vice
Body on body turning in your bed
Betwixt the sheets with no love but still nice
No need for bitter moans, anger just lust
When a solo gains more credit than a
Duo torn by *** fading into dust
Grounded down into nothing day by day.
Whilst I exist without my mirror soul
Generates views of empty and hopeless
By lovers who will ask if I feel whole
And filling it with a vacant caress?
My answer is - I don't need any luck
'Cause frankly my dear, I don't give a ****!
Victoria Reese Jul 2013
The need for love is obsolete - and dead
When life is so fast with frictional vice
Body on body turning in your bed
Betwixt the sheets with no love but still nice
No need for bitter moans of anger j
Victoria Reese Apr 2012
Love’s black mirror
Stings cutting into the veins
Arteries –
Oozing blood from
Picked from sores of bitterness,
Grazed by a word,
Rebuttles, Rejections, Refusals;
The cold hard slap,
The shock of a kiss turned from you,
A stabbing knife to the emotion,
It pierces the coronary red route
Flooded with tears that mutual is not your friend.
Hitting that hard concrete wall, raised up.
****** fists,
Scratching, skin disintegrating,
Screaming words that the nothing listens to.
He wants your throat to burn, seize up the mucus, saliva
And make your eyes cry hot salty tears, blinding
You from the her,
Hate stabs you until you cease to bond,
Battles with passion, lust and love
Reversed and conquered and murdered....
Victoria Reese Mar 2012
I knew first day
that love would grow
a spark, a root
which shot through

I knew second day
that I had felt your
arm before
comforting me

I knew third day
that I dreamt about you
that somewhere in my life
you were there, before eyes
knew your existence

I knew fourth day
that safety in your hands
was more than just a phase
you loved me so
and I loved you to

I knew fifth day
that we would go on
together as a couple
no force could stop us

I knew sixth day
that my problems with the past
would have to go
I would have to fight

I knew seventh day
that this is forever
I always knew
Even when I didn't
Victoria Reese Feb 2012
A basket of tissues

triggered in my eye

whilst tears of my own

roll slowly by

Imagine the souls

filling this chair

relating their woes

in this peaceful lair

Troubles counselled

to a stranger with a pen

jotting down everything

you keep within

Despite my own troubles

all I feel and see is them

the number of tissues

fallen in the bin
Victoria Reese Feb 2012
I sometimes recite my love as charity….

No stretch is too exhausting, no pull to hard.
No banknote is precious nor does a penny equal one.
A penalty is just a random,
With no intent or harm,
And a kiss is not just a mild affection ,
Nor a hug, cuddle or gentle touch
Equates to little or nothing or none.
Anything I do, is big and strong.
Everything I own,
To my small hands,
Stretch marks, belly
And weird feet.
He sees nothing but beauty, and not only of that of
Skin deep.

And I have learnt this lesson from charity,
Love is boundless, a fortified state
Of being connected 100 percent.
An eye for an eye,
Quotes the bible, I say –
An eye for a body plus surplus.
For love is seeing a grain,
And tasting the whole field.
Victoria Reese Feb 2012
Sunshine to my dull day,
Glistening in a yellow hay,
Blue seas ride above,
Eternal like the holy dove.

Away from the dark of night,
You hold me so ever tight,
Kissing eternal on my head,
Whilst we share our earthly bed.

Fire enflaming betwixt our skins,
Like sparkling hot fiery strings,
Connecting us together in a hot heat,
While our hearts drum to its sacred beat.

Lay alone in flowing stream of peace,
Yet our hearts are not to cease,
This love stays stationary in this fire,
Nothing can ever make it expire.

Creating joy, pleasure and calm,
It is its own soothing balm,
To the heart, mind and soul.
As we drink from the nectar at cupids bow.

How can I leave this,
For it is heavenly bliss,
To lay in this field of dreams,
Floating alone in our lover’s stream.

Death cannot divide,
For Love does not make us blind.
It opens our mind to our heart
So that we must never be apart.
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