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Victor Tripp Jan 2016
Worry and crying last night night kept me up real late
In a tizzy because the list ran longer and longer of things
To do on my plate.You see folks all these problems
Have me throwing up my hands.
They'll either break into pieces inside or make you a stronger man
Any way that's the plan. Problems come to all of us , so don't let them
Blow your ever loving mind.Pick yourself up and keep on moving
Forward.Not giving in or bowled over by failure or defeat
For neither which you don't have time
Victor Tripp Jan 2016
The limping poet walks around with tablet always in his hand
Has a real way with words, wants the truth to always stand
He might write about the sunrise or the wonders of love seen
A child who will not grow up and treat other people mean
Compose words of the future or pull them out of the poet
Keeps an eye on on the keyhole of happening events
Because he wants his words to inspire and last
You might think that sometimes his words are spiteful
Even out of control, but if he's inspired or even made you think
Just for a minute or even more than know
Than realize my friend that was the limping poet's goal
Victor Tripp Jan 2016
Woke up this morning the blues was in my way I said: you have to go
And surely can't stay. My baby's fine love will get you out of my way
I never have to worry fret or fear, my baby stays on track
Blues get on out of here.Everything about, my sweet lady knows
Promises made to her, I surely intend to keep
My baby's sweet love makes me stay on my feet
No matter what time of day, it's so good  nothing to ever lack
Or hold me back
Victor Tripp Jan 2016
How Do you mend a broken heart
   When love is no longer there
     You thought love would be an easy thing
        But watched it passing in the night
   Which just proves that no one
    Can teach another
     How to care
  Maybe another time or another dawn
    You'll come back to me
     So I'll wait here
       While you search out being free
         Though your leaving really mattered
         And left my once whole life shattered
           So now I say with tears
   Running down this sad face of mine
Woe is me
Victor Tripp Jan 2016
Even a blind man could see
    That you belong with me
And this knowledge would even make any fool wise
  Each time I look into your eyes
   I get so soft and mello inside
Upside down is the way you touch my heart
    And every day I feel the same
Sunrise to sunset the very best is coming yet
  My love will faithfully remain
Don't ever want this romantic spark
Out of my grasp
  Want to always walk beside you
  And make these feelings last
  You know that some people only get that  one chance
    I believe we can be together
Despite stormy times on life's trying seas
     Baby  I 'll always believe in the strong love ahead
       For you and me
Victor Tripp Jan 2016
I was blind and couldn't really see
  And your love opened up a whole new world to me
   Like never before
   Want to go running and knock on
  And tell the good news on every neighbor's door
Must confess that I never felt this way before
I remember looking at you my tongue used to freeze
Suddenly felt dizzy and weak in both knees
Told  both my daddy and mom
They said sit down and brace for a hard life lesson son
Now I'm fully aware of just what the power of love
Can do, not only for me but for you too
Never felt this way before
Victor Tripp Jan 2016
Our time is now
    No need of anything
Knowing each joy
  Being in love can bring
    Gossips can't tell me
     That I'm too silly to really know
        I need you so
  And you love and need me
     Our time is now
      No need to longer wait
       No sadness of goodbye
          No need to ever wait
     Think of our love and smile
       Our dreams will always stay
        Stay the same way
     Our love is here to stay
    Our time is now
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