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Kovu Garcia Dec 2016
Pretty people choose pretty people,
Rich with rich,
Poor with poor,
Shy with shy,
And so the world divides.
Kovu Garcia Nov 2014
No I don't like how sometimes you make me feel,
No I won't say no if you need help or need me close,
No you dwell not where your body is but were you are missed the most,
No you are not right
Neither am I.
No I don't like to get jealous,
No I don't trust easily,
No I don't think you are ugly,
I think you are pretty.
No I won't say no if you want to leave,
No, I really don't want you to go.
Kovu Garcia Nov 2014
Don't yell at me for my heart trembles if you don't speak softly.
Don't yell at me because I don't deserve it,
Don't yell at me for my walls would thicken if you do,
Don't yell at me for I haven't yelled at you.
Don't yell at me and then tell me I misunderstood,
Do yell at me that lonely 'I love you.'
Kovu Garcia Nov 2014
Talk to me sincere,
with your eyes
look at me deep,
let your eyes smile,
let them speak.
Look at me,
don't look away,
for when you talk and look at me
it gives me assurance you will stay.
Look at me,
can you see how
my eyes just want a friend to talk?
Look at me, hold me there,
for if you look away,
my eyes won't look at yours the same way
they would feel lost,
they won't come back
so please,
talk to me,
while you look me in the eyes
When you talk to someone don't forget to look them in the eyes.
Kovu Garcia Oct 2014
Wisely let a flower grow
don't rush.
Wisely let the scar heal
time reveals
that it is all it takes
for the scar to heal
for the flower to grow
sometimes slow
consuming the sun
reflecting beauty
holding hands with a song
dying in a poem.

— The End —