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i never wished
for happiness
not even a little bit
because i'm tired

worn out
of expectations
of expecting happiness
my mind wanders off
as i let the silence
engulf me
and send me
to a different dimension
the distance
between us
is killing me
i can't survive
without you
by my side
i drown myself into sadness
while the feeling of emptiness
enters my life easily
with no difficulty
can't you see
i'm trying to be nice here
can't you see
being nice is a hard thing

it really is, a hard thing
especially when the person
you're being nice to
treats you like *****
wrap me around your arms
i wanna feel your warmth
as i pull you close to me
i have this sudden feeling
that i don't wanna let you go

i feel safe and secured
around your embrace
i feel the warmth
spreading all over my body

i wanna lock you up around me
and keep you forever
because if i let you go,
i'll never feel
the euphoria i feel
whenever i'm with you
writing poems
help me create
to ease the pain
the depression
the sadness

this is my treatment
for myself
for a troubled teen
like me
i'll never look back
and i'll never return
to the old path
i used to take

because if i did
old memories
the unwanted ones
will haunt me, endlessly
i need to stop
this silly infatuation
but as much as i try hard
on refraining myself
from liking you
it wouldn't seem to go away

— The End —