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verde Jul 2021
He loved me.
I pulled off my blouse.
He loved me.
My bra was next.
He loved me.
The camera shutter sounded.
He loved me.
I clicked send.
He loved me…
please we need a culture in which we are taught to respect others and their bodies. this is a society where r*pe and other acts have been accepted morally, as if it were a sign of dominance... sickening.
verde Jun 2021
i am the beast
that never learned to write
who's story lay untouched
killer embasking in glorification
because my story
just like my pleas
hang in the air
verde Jun 2021
I am the wilted petals of the magnolia,
Intoxicatingly sweet as they caress the very ground which you tread upon.

I am the sweet sap protected by the rough bark of the tree,
I nurture the birds, the bugs, everyone who stumbles upon me.
I was never bold enough to say no.
To deny you of my syrupy fountain of life.

I am… A beautiful rose just beginning to bloom,
Petals unfolding from her shelter which guaranteed protection all her life.

She needs the shelter no longer.
verde Jun 2021
all eyes fall to hell,
death's insidious touch,
a battle with grace
their enticing little ways,
as the fight goes goes awry.
verde May 2021
reading old literature,
tainted words that tell us to go against morals
to lose onselves to savagery,
to lose ourselves to desire and finally break free.
im reading the secret history- can you tell, bahahah <3
verde May 2021
There are these 'beautiful yet cursed dreams,'
that haunt me day and night,
causing me to lose touch with reality
as I hopelessly dream of flight.

These dreams are the kind that destroy me,
causing my day to become disrupt,
letting me fall back down
as soon as my eyes open back up.

I grasp and search, high and low,
waking up with utmost dismay,
when these fragile little wisps disappear,
broken and pitiful- beautiful in their own way.

my dreams have ruined me once more...
and i think i'm ready for them to do it all over again.
verde May 2021
i've been ruined by my dreams,
pitiful little things,
carrying the weight of my hopes, fancy and reality,
crushing me with the realization of something I won't be able to achieve.

but here they are carrying me up, up, up...
only to let me fall back to the hard soil once more.

I've been ruined by my dreams.
draftt, just wanted to get my ideas down
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