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Begging you please baby
Show me your world
You are special.
Don't let yourself fall over something that won't matter in the future
Do what makes you happy and will build you up
Don't let yourself fall like rain on a stormy night
You are human, You are special, You are one in a million
Live your life
Don't let yourself fall, it's not worth it
You are special, Live your life.
I can bleed without a cut,
Get wet with no water,
Bake a human inside me,
Produce milk and Im not even a cow.

What can you do?
life is like a train,
a train that keeps on going
and won't stop to wait for you.
vanessa herrera Dec 2018
if you dont like what you see,
get a better mirror.
look a little deeper
because there's something about you
that takes my breath away.
vanessa herrera Dec 2018
i will always see
your heart
before i
see your
vanessa herrera Dec 2018
you are so valuable
you are such a jem
i love you so much
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