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Vandana May 2018
Delving deep into the myriads of creativity
Levitating against the gravity
Camouflaging the reality
Gliding beyond roofs of reminiscence

Oh! Unexplainably impeccable
How is this even conceivable?
I exist everywhere
At the brink of the empires
At the link of the memoirs

Nothing looks sensual
Not a thing looks usual
I feel love, I feel pain
I feel despair, I feel calm

So much to offer
So much to perceive
Much more to comprehend
I ponder, deep underneath

Chasing my body, reaching out to it
I scream in silence, catching up with my breath
Slowly I feel the touch of truth
Ah!!.. I witness the relief so rowth

Vandana Jul 2013
What have you brought into my heart?
I am just left with nothing but drought
What all have you taken away from me
For now I see the empty me without any tree

In the Ambit of the trifles
All I am stuck with is the bullets of your rifles
The life that I have dreamt with grace
Is now forgotten with no single trace

Etched in the euphoria of your joy
I am neither able to break out free nor cry
Sulking I am with no season
What more have you got to reason

All I gave is love and made you live
Think oh man, Think, but not so naïve
Now I plead, please come out of your greed
Make me home, make me green
Vandana Apr 2013
It was a beautiful rainy day.The rains showered like blessings from the sky to mother earth.The drops drizzled over several stunning creations of God. The ***** frog winked in fright when the tiny drop thumped on its peeping head which it had kept out from its water world curious to know what's happening outside.The lazy ladybird hides itself in the rug of leaves it hopped and played till then.Little dusty leaves quivered with joy as they rejoiced and celebrated the long waited bath.

      Far aloof,the village looked so spanking new than ever after it was wetted by the light modest,so composed,the radiating sun put itself out of sight making way to the pompous clouds.Besides all these petite feelings,the livid eagle gaped at the sky sniping for it had missed its daily glide over the rusty mountains.

      All these tiny things shaped out the background,while the main subject remains undescribed yet.The big fat buffalo stands aright in tranquility as if nothing new happened.Its skin so tight,shining so bright,created a beautiful sight as the raindrops tapped on it pitter patter.Its horns like engraved artifacts mirrored each other and stood still amazed at their similarity.The momentary muddy puddle covered up its hooves.

      And now comes the most interesting foreground of the picture. It’s the little cute boy!!! Small dark brown eyes...Umpteen hopes filled in them. He wore the most beautiful jewel on his’s his smile gleaming with merriment. While his tiny hands held tight the wicker, his entire little body hid itself behind the huge gunny he wore to shield against the shower. He hopped over the small puddle creating beautiful waves and exquisite splashes.

      And that forms the most beautiful picture about which my dad told me.The little boy is none other than my dad. :) :) .
Vandana Apr 2013
In life, there are so many instances where we see some of the most amazing scenes but regret of not having an SLR camera with us to capture 'em. I have so many such beautiful pics captured in my brain and just wanna put them out here!! ;)
It was a beautiful sunny day in spite of being rainy season…I got ready to office in a very typical hurry – burry leisure and came out to bus stop. I have one good habit of not getting i-rated even if the bus does not show up for half an hour or so. That’s mainly coz I start observing every minute thing during the wait : P Like the way people walk, the patterns on morning sky, various fonts used on shop names, people’s expressions in vehicles…what not :D .
Amidst these inspections, one view caught my sight in delight. I saw a middle aged lady in her dusty clothes. She looked pale and thin with curly hair that looked not so neat. She was sweeping the shoulders raising a lot of sand. While all was nothing so special, came a little girl running from where I donno!!.The lady looked at her keeping aside her broom and took over her on her shoulders.
        As I moved my eyes a little to the right, I saw a dirt cart which is usually kept to throw the garbage. Here follows the most astonishing scene. To my disbelief, the lady placed the kid in it. She continued sweeping. From the background of many huge trees, the sun rays escaped out and lightened up the whole natural setting that was created. Now all I saw was laughter on the little angel not bothered about anything in the world but the dust that was rising. She clapped and clapped her hands while it looked like the sun rays also joined their hands to make an unheard tune. So unintentionally and innocently, did her movements create various stunning patterns of dirt that created a foggy look.
This was the moment I wanted to click it J
Vandana Mar 2013
Let that cheeky feeling slip its way out
And see the light in you
For you never say a no
And you never let it go

Add a joule,run a mile
And you know,you are up with it
For now you have, that fire in you
Way to go, though not far
Till that goal of you is met

Scream out aloud,let that out
Chill and cheer,simply as you are
Now that the way's so clear and so near
Oh my dear, dont you fear
Wrote this to cheer up myself :P as I joined dance classess recently. Just to boost up my confidence :).
Vandana Feb 2012
Loneliness.... in the empty world
Now I see, nothing at all
Just blank and still, stands the time
Have got no words,to make it rhyme

But still I dream, for an inch of hope
Through the clouds,and behind the rains
While I hear, the songs of chimes
Makes me write, indolent poems

Drops and dews,like beads and pearls
Catch my eyes,throwing my tears
Far behind,the hills so high
Teach me lessons as I see

Broken heart, is beating now
Thoughts that surround, are so new
Fresh and green, is my breath
With these I can, fight the death.....
Extraction from abstraction (* Only if have patience :P)

When you feel really lonely, the world looks nothing but empty. U feel the time is not at all moving... u just feel there are no words(things) to make your poem(life) rhyme(happy).

But unknowingly, God would have presented before you some words that actually rhyme(some situation favourable)[Observe that "time" and "rhyme" rhyme]. When you realize that, u will start musing each and everything. Your thoughts just after depression ll be higher that ever.
You will start learning from every piece of Nature.

When I see dew drops, I realize even pearls are made out of the same. So why waste tears and bring their worth down??So this realization throws it all.

When I gaze at mountains, they teach me lessons of high hopes.With all these realizations, now I feel like conquering the whole world!!

— The End —