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Vadim Bravo May 2015
Halls of cries
Walls of lies
Corridors of broken lives.

Rotten temples
Of decay
Broken bodies, disarray.

Silent statues,
Mourning stones.
Prays of mercy are ignored.

Bleeding  sewers,    
Stench of death
Dying souls can't catch their breath.

Whispering sighs
Escaping air
Sings our anthem of despair.
Vadim Bravo May 2015
A winter train,
Cross Europe fairytale,
A blue line
On a white table map.

A time capsule
Frozen in a constant motion,
An armored horse
Riding blindly into an abyss.

Creeping silently
Through the forest,
Charging the cities
For one hour stops.

Stumble upon the tracks,
A rumbling lullaby
Awake from the nightmare
With a whistling scream in the night.
Vadim Bravo Mar 2015
No will, no reason and no need
No dreams breed in the breathless sleep
The dead don't dream the nightmares of the living
Are not possesed with taking and not conserned about giving

The restless rush from nine to five
Won't bother those who're neath the ground
The saddest song of broken heart
Wont be sang by those with no blood

You can go forward, or go back
But you may never stop,
You choose to live, or choose to die
The flower, or the hanging rope

On wings of bats, or angel wings
You will rise to the sky
In afterlife there is no choice
You've chosen once, you chose to die.

Fly, fallen angel of mine
Touched the sun and got burnt.
Fly, fallen angel of mine
It's your chance to meet God
What have you become...
Vadim Bravo Mar 2015
Where there is no past theres no present,
Where there's no present there's no future.
Where there's no darkness, there's no light,
if there is success, there must be failure,
if there's no sorrow and sadness, there are no
moments of pure happiness, when you can comb
your hair with your hand, smile to yourself, not the
casual smile of sadness and howl like a *******
wolf till your eyes are full of tears of happiness.
And if its love, then its worth waiting
And if its life, then its worth dying.

You look at the open  window and laugh. She's gone. You laugh like a little boy and your tears are running all over your face,
your cigarette got wet and you light yourself a new one.

And if its life then its worth waiting
And if its love then its worth dying.

"Oh my sweet Lora, its been too long. No more the waiting and the lonely nights, We are forever now."
The open window seemed like a portal to a new place with one old and loved face.

It was too late and he jumped without screaming. It will take the sea few days to throw his lifeless body - an empty shell without a soul to the shore, or to be found by the constantly drunk fishermen. And only the room service lady who will come to clean the room the next morning will feel some kind of horrible chill when she closes the window.
"Must be the wind" she thought.
She reached out, looked at the stormy sea, closed the window and left while  cursing the ****** visitors in this god forgotten place, that always miss the toilet and ashtrays.
Vadim Bravo Jan 2015
Bravery's to stand alone
Pride is to stand tall
Power in this world
Is to stand and not to fall.

Truth now are superlatives
Leadership is lies
Survival is betreyal
Prays are only cries.

Honesty is razors
Steel against the flesh
See trough shattered eyes
What the lies have trashed.

Memory's an endless pain
No where to escape
To give up's a ******
To compromise's to ****.

Value what you have
Others ain't got ****
To live is to believe
Dont let them make you slip.
August 2001
Vadim Bravo May 2012
So much ***,
But no free love.
So much laughter,
But no smiles.
So many are killed,
But no reasons.
Meaningless life
In the change of the seasons.

So many sins,
But there is no punishment.
So many missfits,
No establishment.
So many groopies,
But there's no Rock'n'Roll
Standing and waiting
For the hammer to fall.

No thing's forbidden
In the land of the free,
"Everyone for himself"
For you and me.
So many are looking,
But cant find the way.
And Im not even supposed
To be here today.
Vadim Bravo May 2012
Across the wasteland children roam
Across the ashes and the foam
Across the parents and the friends.

Trough homes and houses children march
With ignorance and arogance
Across the parents and the friends.

Across the highways and the schools
And their immagination rules
Their thoughs their deeds, their parents and their

And in the mind of a desert child
There lives a garden of flowers
And so, he pours the water on the sand.

Across the wasteland children roam
Roam with no reason - to see the world
And so, with morbid look they forward step.

With shining blinks inside their eyes
Walk past dead people - dying souls
The people who ignore a wasteland's child.

And in the mind of an urban child
There lives a legend of the wild
Somewhere between the ruins Deamon lives.

And so in the mind of every boy
There lives a world - a realm unknown
And when we dont believe he runs away

Off to his own world with a sword
Across the wasteland with a word
Of "please",  and tears he hides.

Across the wasteland children ran
Away from ruins and we cant cant
To bring him into world of ours.

So listen parents and the friends
Dont **** those worlds, dont bring the end
Upon the children who the wasteland roam.
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