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 Feb 2015 Janine
Peter Cullen
 Feb 2015 Janine
Peter Cullen
The Cut.
The Cold.
The feel of Steel.
The sharpness,
that keeps it all real.
The feelings,
pulsing through your veins,
as you try to smile in vain.

The Love.
The Hate.
The need for words.
The hope,
that everything is pure.
The darkness
curtaining the light,
as the day gives way to night.

The Morn.
The Dawn.
The waking soul.
falling through the floor.
The path,
the one, that leads you home,
will always be, the one you own.
 Feb 2015 Janine
DC raw love
if it happens together
if it happened before

what is the difference
are the feelings the same

both were not knowing
but felt like something

i know this happen before
could this be going on now

was it you
was it them

what is it
that leave us bewildered

not knowing
or wanting to know

of what

if we never knew
why should we know

it 's a never ending thought
that will always pop up
 Feb 2015 Janine
And in the 4 am sadness,

is what you say really true?
 Feb 2015 Janine
Rex Forté
 Feb 2015 Janine
Rex Forté
Wanting to be a Winner doesn't make you one. Refusing to fail does.
 Jan 2015 Janine
Ocean Blue
April, she first saw the light
June, she appeared in the night
July, she left town
After five thousand moons got down
Suddenly she was back
May, I told her my secret
June, she told me how she felt
August, she said all this should be forgotten
September, apparently I was forgiven
October, she was part of my autumn,
November, she was already on the run.
December, she said no good bye
Leaving me on the road side.
She is an April girl,
Who made my life a whirl.
Now that she is away,
Heartbroken I follow my way.
Inspired by Laurent Voulzy's song "Une Fille d'Avril"
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