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Unconventional Mar 2014
Why do i feel,
This pain inside?
It won't go away,
Even after all the times i've cried.
This pain is overwhelming,
It makes me so condescending.
I can't think,
I can't see.
Is the blood i've shed,
A big red sea?
Why am i so dumb?
And worse, why am i so numb?
I feel this pain inside,
Because of all the times i've cried.
Yes i'm condescending,
But this pain is overwhelming.
Why am i so dumb?
Is it because i'm numb?
I've lost my way,
Now all i do is cry.
The only thing i want,
Is to know, "why?"
Hug me,
Squeeze me,
If you want to please me.
Okay, let's be honest,
Are you really that modest?
Kiss me,
Embrace me.
If want this love to be.
I can't stay with you,
You can't stay with me.
We love eachother so much,
The love we can't see.
It slowly devours us,
As it throws us on the hell bus.
So sad!!!
As i look in your eyes,
Sometimes i wonder why.
Sometimes i wonder so much,
It makes me want to cry.
My heart is so torn,
And you wonder why i'm forlorn?
As i kiss your cold face,
As you lose grip on our embrace,
I cry and fight,
And hold you ever so tight.
As they put you away,
I wonder why you couldn't stay.
I dream of you and think of you,
I feel you everyday.
Mostly i wonder why,
It had to be this way?
I sit in my room
You sit in your room
I kiss your face
As you hold the embrace
Now i know who you are
As you get out of my car
I cry in my sleep
As i start to weep

I know i'll never wake up
I bid you farewell
As i drank thy poisen
From thine cup
As i stare
I wonder
Does anyone care
When nobody cares?
I went suicide today
As you read this entry
I have to ask you
Is there anything more i can say?
Other than...
It's my private suicide

— The End —