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Nov 2021 · 122
RiverFlow Nov 2021
I am so confused
On how you really feel about me
Does He like me
Or does She
I want both of them
But I don't feel like I deserve either
I just have this fear
That I will hurt them both
So then I will need to go
So I guess we will see
If It's going to be you and me
I Am so confused.
Nov 2021 · 25
The Truth
RiverFlow Nov 2021
Today was the day
I told everyone the truth
Of all my struggles
It was as if my life was about to crumble
I was so scared
And everybody just stared
As I was crying
Talking about how I felt like I was dying
I wish they all just understood
I don't know what to do anymore
I just feel so alone
So thank you for being their for me
I got to go I don't want to miss my chance to be free...
Oct 2021 · 112
RiverFlow Oct 2021
i want to tell you all the truth
but it is hard to let go of
you all deserve to know
even the people I am currently in disagreements with
you all deserve to know read the notes to know
I was molested by a kid   at a P R T F it happened in February It hurt me so much and now i am speaking out
Oct 2021 · 887
RiverFlow Oct 2021
Does anyone feel like I do
Not knowing what to do anymore
Feeling as if I have no purpose anymore
As if  I don't belong anywhere
As if I no longer belong in this world
I feel like I don't belong in my own skin
I don't want to be me anymore
I don't want to be a man anymore
Because all men do is ruin peoples lives
And they cant admit when they do anything wrong
IDK any more
Bye Bye the old me
Time to embrace the new me
I dont know if i. want to be a guy any more
Aug 2021 · 50
Enough For You
RiverFlow Aug 2021
Am I enough for you
Am I the child you wanted
or just a mistake
you might say I am not a mistake
but that doesn't stop me from feeling that way
you always leave me out of things
so you obviously don't need me
if you did care, you would care when you see me crying
and saying I feel like dying
but you don't
you send me away
to be somebody else problem
but that's just how I feel
so obviously its invalid
Aug 2021 · 34
Love Is A Drug
RiverFlow Aug 2021
Love is a drug
we all want it
but it is never quite in reach
but once we get it
we feel like we can never live without it
I am one of those people
yearning to be loved
but to scared to accept it
because what if its fake
we all say we are in love
but it our brain trying to please us
because we are all to young
to understand what love real is...
Aug 2021 · 51
Lost ?
RiverFlow Aug 2021
Lately things have been different
I don't know if I belong anywhere
I feel like an outcast
Have nowhere to go
I want to belong somewhere
But nobody seems to accept me
All my friends have left
And I feel all alone
So know I have resorted to cutting
I do it almost every night
It is the only thing keeping me tethered down
So I act like I am happy
So I can be who everybody wants me to be
Now I am debating if I should stay
Or do something so the pain will go away
Apr 2021 · 54
The Dark
RiverFlow Apr 2021
The dark is a bad place
It isn't a safe
Bad things happens there
People like to scare others there
Dark place can give people trauma
Or other people ****** drama
So beware of dark places
And stay in safe places.
Apr 2021 · 67
Super Heroes
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Super heroes are people who we have always wanted to be
We think they are perfect and free
But really each of them are fight their own inner duels
Just so they wont look like fools
We all grew up worshiping them
Because now we really should have tried to understand them
Because we all assume they are happy
But really they are always unhappy
Apr 2021 · 213
Break Free
RiverFlow Apr 2021
I am locked up in these chains
That always deliver me pain
My mind is like a garden
But it is only filled with burdens
All I need is a key
So I can finally be free
But the key is trust
And that’s a must
But I can’t handle it
Because I always get hurt by it
But I must try
So I don’t die
And so I can be free
Because I am the key
Apr 2021 · 33
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Birds are free
They know how to be
They don’t always have to live in a cage
They are not always consumed by rage
They are perfect
Unlike humans we are imperfect
They like to look beautiful
Unlike humans who like to act boastful
Birds are majestic
Humans are racist and sexist
Birds are free
I wish I was free
So I can be who I want to be
Apr 2021 · 40
Mysterious Love
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Love is a mystery
It has been there all throughout history
We think we understand it
But really we only misinterpret it
We think it is an easy thing
But really it is back breaking
We all want it
But nobody thinks of the consequences of it
We think it is good for us
But it can actually hurt us
So take time to understand it
So you can truly enjoy it
Apr 2021 · 53
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Death is inevitable
It is uncontrollable
We act like it is small
But really it’s like a wall
It stops you in your tracks
Which leads us to backtrack
You can't escape the fact that you will die
You can try
But you won’t  because it is a part of you
And it won’t stop until it consumes you
You can try to fight it
But remember you can’t outrun it
Because death always catches up with you.
Apr 2021 · 48
Love Is In The Air
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Love is always there
It's always in the air
We always try to find it
But we end up trapped in it
It seems perfect
But it is actually imperfect
We think it will always make us happy
But at times it makes us feel ******
But don't avoid it
Try to find it
But don't let it take over you
Because then you will truly not be you
Apr 2021 · 44
Dead Inside
RiverFlow Apr 2021
I am writing this because I am dead
Not truly dead only in the head
Cause I am still here
I constantly feel like a deer
Stuck in the headlights
Not having the might
To move aside
Because I am dead inside
So all I think
Is I need one more drink
So I can block all these thoughts in my head
So I don't wind up dead
Apr 2021 · 46
The End
RiverFlow Apr 2021
The End is only to keep others around me alive
So the other around me can survive
Yes that might make you sad
But please don't feel bad
I am doing this because I care about all of you
I am doing this because I love all of you
Yes it seems selfish
But to me it feels courageous
Apr 2021 · 36
RiverFlow Apr 2021
I have been scared all my life
Trying to avoid using the knife
Because every cut I make
Makes someone's  heart break
I want to be alive
But if I live others might not survive
So I've finally lost all hope
So I grab my rope
Because my poems ends in death
As I take my last breath
Apr 2021 · 38
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Bullying is horrible
It is terrible
Most of the time it makes us feel terrible
But deep inside all we feel is frightful
We begin to worry
And live life in a hurry
Waiting to cry
But that leads us to die
Apr 2021 · 21
Set Free
RiverFlow Apr 2021
There once was a tree
I yearned to be free
The tree was a beautiful willow
That always hung low
One day it decided to be free
It wanted to be as free as the bees
It wanted to soar in the air
And be wild like a bear
He never thought it would happen
Until it happened
A lumber jack came with an ax
And a pickaxe
He chopped it down to the ground
And the tree frowned as it hit the ground
He wanted to be free like a be
But he is as free as a tree can get
Which hasn't happened yet
Yet he is happy
Because he believes he is free
Apr 2021 · 52
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Fear is one of your best friends
You don't realize that until it ends
You always fear it
But you need to learn to embrace it
It always a part of us
We always throw a fuss
When we find out its no longer a part of us
We can never run from it
We just need to learn to embrace it
Don't let it consume you
But let it become a part of you
Apr 2021 · 39
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Anger is just an emotion
We bury it down to avoid the commotion
We think we are free
But really all we need is the key
Anger isn’t bad
It just makes others sad
Because all we want is to just be seen
And not to be mean
Apr 2021 · 39
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Love is like a dove
Always yearning to be free
Rather than being with me
Lave at first sight
Is like day and night
It’s always changing
Rather than staying
How we want it to be
Because love was meant to be free
Apr 2021 · 25
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Sometimes being sad
Is not always bad
Sometimes it makes me
Feel as if I am free
Because if I am free
I am the real the real me
I am scared
Because if people started caring
I would start sharing
And start caring
Instead of hiding
Apr 2021 · 147
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Sometime I wonder what it would be like to be happy
Would everything seem less ******
Would I finally be able to fight the things in my head
That make me wish that I was dead
Would I finally be able to try
To live rather than try to die
Apr 2021 · 45
RiverFlow Apr 2021
Sunflowers shine so bright
But they have to die
Just wait till spring
A new batch will come
Just to lift you up
And shine brighter than ever.

— The End —