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RiverFlow Apr 2022
Is this the end
No i will endure
I will stay calm
I will act like everything is ok
even when its not
i will act perfect
since i am hurting
this is what i will do to feel better.
Bye guys I am done with this site and everything really i will just act like a robot almost
RiverFlow Mar 2022
Tell me guys
Do i belong
Do i fit your expectations
Am i what you expected
Am i perfect enough
Am i enough for you
Do you want me
Do you need
Do i need to leave
I mean i feel like i belong
but that doesnt matter does it
No it probably doesnt
Well Guys do you think i belong
because i dont
Tell Me if i belong yall
RiverFlow Mar 2022
I dont know what to do anymore
i feel as if i am no myself anymore
i feel like i dont belong
i sometimes feel as if my life is one big joke
or that this is all a big dream
and the only way to wake up
is to **** myself
but i also like this dream
i dont want to wake up
but if i must
i will do so
we all must wake up sometime
RiverFlow Mar 2022
Long time no see
Did you guys miss me
Probably not
Just like it thought
But I am not mad
And I am not sad
I am happy to be back
RiverFlow Nov 2021
I am so confused
On how you really feel about me
Does He like me
Or does She
I want both of them
But I don't feel like I deserve either
I just have this fear
That I will hurt them both
So then I will need to go
So I guess we will see
If It's going to be you and me
I Am so confused.
RiverFlow Nov 2021
Today was the day
I told everyone the truth
Of all my struggles
It was as if my life was about to crumble
I was so scared
And everybody just stared
As I was crying
Talking about how I felt like I was dying
I wish they all just understood
I don't know what to do anymore
I just feel so alone
So thank you for being their for me
I got to go I don't want to miss my chance to be free...
RiverFlow Oct 2021
Does anyone feel like I do
Not knowing what to do anymore
Feeling as if I have no purpose anymore
As if  I don't belong anywhere
As if I no longer belong in this world
I feel like I don't belong in my own skin
I don't want to be me anymore
I don't want to be a man anymore
Because all men do is ruin peoples lives
And they cant admit when they do anything wrong
IDK any more
Bye Bye the old me
Time to embrace the new me
I dont know if i. want to be a guy any more
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