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RiverFlow Aug 2021
Am I enough for you
Am I the child you wanted
or just a mistake
you might say I am not a mistake
but that doesn't stop me from feeling that way
you always leave me out of things
so you obviously don't need me
if you did care, you would care when you see me crying
and saying I feel like dying
but you don't
you send me away
to be somebody else problem
but that's just how I feel
so obviously its invalid
RiverFlow Aug 2021
Love is a drug
we all want it
but it is never quite in reach
but once we get it
we feel like we can never live without it
I am one of those people
yearning to be loved
but to scared to accept it
because what if its fake
we all say we are in love
but it our brain trying to please us
because we are all to young
to understand what love real is...
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