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Dan Scott Mar 6
Why should it matter, why should we care
It seems so insane, it seems so unfair
we judge someone by an amount of melanin
classify people by the color of their skin
I don't believe in race, we're all human beings
So I can't believe all the things I'm seeing
We are all different, but still all the same
So we divide over color, we're the ones to blame
Our leaders desire is to rule over you
Divide and conquer is what they always do
Spreading lies so we can hate one another
So we'll turn on our friend, turn on our brother
Say our differences are things we should hate
Instead of being the things we should celebrate
Content of charactor, not black or white
Should be the truth of what's wrong, or what is right
My brown skinned brother, my red skinned friend
My yellow skinned neighbor, god it never ends
Cause it makes no difference if you're white or whatever
doing right and not what's wrong is the true measure
Can't think of anything that's so insane
Like carin' about skin, instead of the state of your brain
Be kind to each other, show some respect
Some kind of sympathy, instead of neglect
I'm only responsible for the man that I am
Not for the sins of some far distant man
Who lived in a time to which I cannot relate
The time for truth is now, before it's to late
Dan Scott Feb 26
When did it happen, ain't no one can say
maybe it was years ago, or was it just yesterday?
Are we fools to believe in those we should trust?
Where is the truth,  I'm sure that there must
Be some, somewhere, I just can't seem to find
The right answer, the question that lies
Behind the curtain, who's really pullin' the strings
I used to think that I knew, now it all seems so strange
overwhelmed by over-information
which way do you turn?
who can you believe, where can you learn
about what's real, what's not, my concern
What is truth if real isn't real
and your whole life has been burned
If two plus two doesn't equal four
If what's right before your eyes
Is called a pack of lies?
Is your conscious speaking to you
Maybe pay it some mind
If things don't seem right
Maybe there's an answer to find
So mystified by what's real or a lie
Is the truth dead, was it ever alive?
It has to be somewhere
It couldn't have died

Without it among us, how can we survive
This quicksand of lies, a world with no ties
It's not hard to imagine, look it's alive
But I gotta believe, I gotta have hope
That it's out there somewhere
Just need to throw it a roap
Like it's lost at sea, about to go down
Overwhelmed by the flood of lies that abound
Can it be rescued, can it be saved?
Before it's all lost, just washed away
But the real truth is love
And maybe we've just lost sight
Of the things that really matter
That make life alright
So I'll try and lose my hate
And not be afraid

And say to myself that I am not a slave
To those you say that I should lose faith
In  my brothers and sisters, my friends, anyone
I'll say "go to hell" with a smile on my face
And give 'em a nod, a wink, 'cause I know that I've won!
Song lyrics, weird tempo, kind of "rapish" but it sort of works, lol,  hope y'all like it.

— The End —