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f Dec 2020
        w 3organes
flarke and fyt
        wadlevanbach is in fullness
spatronically woven
      +3 +3 +3
oonool rikayge of leftovers
           lover’s spite
f Dec 2020
I’ll haunt this world
      with bleeding gaping heart
               brushed blue eyes
-that well up inside,
I’ll wander these streets
      open and unapologetic
      with a humid energy;
outpourings of
      white misty electric
      and soft relaxations
that erode deeply;
        flow strong  primal
         eclectic radiance over
        ballet dancers with white
tutus & toned abdominals
f Dec 2020
words spit
           from dragon lips
burning bloodied
                      through flesh rotted mind
words collapse space and time;
my words, on fire
                  mark the soul
mark my words
f Dec 2020
solar 💛
f Dec 2020
a love i cannot match
   even if i tried
a love keeps me surprised
   a love that haunts me
at three when you're gone
a love of love unkempt
i love a big mess
   curls; the rest
don't look at me with that eye
you'll make me sick
           you make me sick
           you make me want to die
in your arms alone at night;
f Dec 2020
heat impressed upon me
warm ****** organs separated
by thin skin hot thoughts
where we touch,
mini ionospheres encircle your head; they address me, saying things like “I am” and “Here I am, physically, I exist before you as flesh”. you are real -expanding lungs/astral soul/minced toned body, blood body, gut flesh body, soft irrevocable spirit, plush lumpy lip kiss, peach polynomial curve with evolutionary proportions.

and impressed upon me
my first

— The End —