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S Sharma Feb 2021
It's a new day forgive forget
Cause sometimes that's what you you want
S Sharma Feb 2021
I was walking in uniform motion
When I found a potion
The bottle says drink me and you'll change
Everyone will pay from whom you want revenge.
I was happy cause I wanted to crush somebody
I drank the potion and became nobody.
There was methanol in that bottle of potion
I died and my soul was floating in uniform motion .
I got that never to change
Just in order to take revenge.
S Sharma Dec 2020
Some people were humiliating a man ,
because he was bald and so they thought they can.
That was a bully ,
Which forced that man to walk wearing a hoodie

Some people were laughing at a girl,
As she was short ,she was not a part of the drill.
That was a bully,
Which forced her to uncomfortablely walk in footwear which were hilly.

Some people were teasing a boy,
As he was fat , and looked like a giant stuff toy.
That was a bully,
Which forced him to eat meals which doesn't satisfy his appetite completely.

Some people were throwing mocking comments on a woman,
As she was not economically stable and cannot afford things they can.
That was a bully,
Which forced her to increase her working hours and made her exhausted fully.

some people were ignoring a student,
as he didn't scored good marks in a test,
That was a bully ,
Which forced him to leave his extra curricular completely

Bullies are faced by almost all of us ,
Yeah those people who laugh at our flaws,
Being unknown that not just us they too have many flaws ,
But they are always busy in humiliating us

They might have never thought it in their life,
That the person they are bullying might have medical issues and can't afford a normal life.
And so life is already difficult for them.
As they already know what's imperfect in them .

But isn't it bad to make life more difficult for someone
who is already suffering ,
And can't even express themselves to anyone.
Why some people are so shallow?

Why they judge others on the basis of looks,intelligence and economy?
Why there behavior is different for people who are least imperfect?
Why they don't know a simple thing that
Not everything pretty sparkles and shines?
Bullies are faced by almost all of us and its upon us either we can take those bullies as challenges and work hard to prove them wrong or we can cry saying that we are not perfect.
S Sharma Nov 2020
Sun means a lot to me,
Sun might means a lot for many people like me.
Our day might start with sunlight landing on our sleepy face,
And we might consider the sun our personal fireplace.

But in this world among us live ,
Some people who have to give
The wonderful feeling of experiencing the warmth of sun,when winter is on the run ,
As xeroderma pigmentosum steals there freedom to go out in the sun.

They stay behind special windows,  which acts like a cage,
From which they can barely see the brightness of the sun , for which they strive for most of their age .
As DNA once mutate does not fix easily in their body,
They are unable to enjoy the warmth of our energy producing celestial body.

There is no known cure for there disease yet,
So doctors advice them to stay away from the sun, if they don't want to regret.
Even the slightest ray of sunlight  can take there lives,
Unlike us they cannot live a normal human life.

Sun will mean a lot to me,
Sun might will mean a lot to people like me,
We might cannot sacrifice our basic human rights.
But patients of xeroderma pigmentosum,  with out being sure about their victory  can only just fight for there basic human rights.
Xeroderma pigmentosum is a sun disease commonly known as XP this is a very rare disease in US . XP is genetic i.e. people are born with it , we cannot get XP unless we are born with it. As XP is not common I wrote this poem to make my readers conscious about a disease which snatches the freedom of a person to go out in the sun.
S Sharma Nov 2020
Yesterday I saw someone smoking and I felt,
Why they are joking with their health?
Why they are spending their precious wealth,
In the process of detoriating their health?

Some are unknown of the consequences of smoking a cigarette,
and some smokers wants it to be a secret.
Inhaling about 5,000 harmful chemicals while actively smoking,
They effect about 5,000 innocent people who are forced to do passive smoking.

Why they are spending dollars for becoming a ***** ashboard?
Instead they can buy a poverty stricken child a skateboard.
When they are pulling out a cigarette from a pack,
Unknowingly they are increasing the threat of heart attack.

Yesterday I saw someone smoking and I felt,
Why they are joking with their health?
Why they are spending their precious wealth,
In the process of detoriating their health?
S Sharma Nov 2020
I was born in a cage ,
I was grounded for most of my age.
I wanted to go out in the sky,
As I was unknown to the fact that I can never fly .

Whenever I looked from the bars of my rage,
I just wondered if I could ever go out of my cage.
From the birds like me I've heard,
That I was hatched by the sun,
As no one to teach me how to fly,
Everyone thought I cannot live an independent life.

And so my so-called life was boring in a cage,
As I cannot see varieties from the bars of my rage.
Whenever I saw some bird flying in the sky,
I console myself with a lie that I belong to the same sky,
And someday I will fly very high.
Idleness made me frustrated and illiterate.

So once I decided to leave that cage,
Where I was grounded for most of my age.
So,when my owner came to clean my cage,
I ran out as I was fed up from my life in a cage.

As I wanted to chase my dreams,
I jumped from the pedestal where my cage lied.
As it was the first time I tried to fly,
I failed to go high, instead I fell down .
But I didn't get the chance to make my failure a statistically significant try,
as I lost my life cause I jumped from a height.

Then my poor soul was wandering between heaven and sky,
My afterlife was not as great as I've expected when I dreamt to fly,
And so I was broken as I thought,  I can never really get what I want .
After this thought suddenly I was flying in world's beautiful sky.

My afterlife changed and so did I.
I immediately glanced at a reflective surface,
Where I saw nothing because I was nothing,
but an imagination of someone who wants to be in the sky,
But is locked in a cage ,
And can never really fly.

— The End —