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Rahwa May 2021
They keep telling me you are a good man …
      What they don’t know is,
               Loving you is a deadly thing.
Rahwa Mar 2021
Fear my friend, Fear my foe
Fear the jailor of my soul.
Rahwa Mar 2021
In truth, I never saw it coming.
Not in your eyes, not in your soul,
Not even in the way you spoke.

I always imagined you strong,
With no lies, no secrets to withhold,
Not when I can’t even think of you as lost.

But here we are you are lost,
You are in pain and at loss,
At this moment you have lost all hope.

How can you be so tall, and feel so small?
How can you be so confused, with all that you know?
I can’t understand how you can be so different at all.

How can I say goodbye, when I am still at hello?
How can I shine a light so bright that erases the shadow?
Please tell me you can be saved and I can be the hero.
Rahwa Feb 2021
You are the perfect melody,
You are the perfect sound to me,
You are my alpha and omega,
You are also my in between.
You are a wicked sorcerer,
You have bewitched me indeed,
I will never see the same way again,
Because I have learnt to love unconditionally.
Rahwa Jan 2021
Shame on you, for not seeing the truth,
I have loved you so long it’s hard to exclude.
I have borne so much it’s hard to elude,
The immeasurable length I went through for you, the pain I endured.
How dare you…
how dare you claim my love is untrue,
When all you have done is make my heart rue.
Rahwa Jan 2021
I love you marvelously …
And then insufficiently.
But then it’s more electric ,
It’s never static,
So full and cathartic …
But then its demanding,
We both loss our northing,
And then you claim I am unloving.
Rahwa Dec 2020
If only … a heart could not be broken,
And the pain could be forgotten,
And the mistakes made could be undone,
And everything we know is worth living for,
And I had never seen your tears before.
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