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Sneha Liya Sanil Nov 2020
She looks fierce in the fading sunset on the horizon ;
She is the anger on my teacher's face that makes me frighten ,
She is colour of love when his hug tightens
Love is her anthem that everyone falls for
She is the ruby stone that glow on the queen's neck ,
She is the spark of love that spreads with his little peck
Red , her name shines more on the bright rose petals
Red is bold and stubborn .
She is violence our ancestors fought against
She is the deep anger that never comes out
She is the blazing fire with the burning incense,
The heat of fire leaping towards us ,
The colour with full of passion.
She is running free blood in the hearts of soldiers ,
She is full of passion .
Red is like the harvest of fresh raspberries; deliciously juicy.
She is the colour of lipstick that makes me beautiful
She is the colour of my little red dress stitched skillfully ,
Her presence radiates the touch of romance
Red , she would always remain as herself .
Sneha Liya Sanil Nov 2020
I reached out my hands for you,
But you were gone far away
When death took you with him ,
Why didn't you stop to take me with you?
I stand near your grave with flowers and tears;
Hoping to be with your presence
I'm ready to explore the adventure of death
Will you come back ?
You never said I'm leaving
You were gone before I knew it
As you sleep on the clouds with peace
I sleep on guilt of losing you
A thousand tears won't bring you back;
I know because I've cried
As the sun sets and brings darkness
May there be no sadness of farewell

— The End —