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Ibtissam Ibrahim Jul 2021
a nightmare

like a nightmare on a bed 
  I was walking in my fog
  stepping in my  alienation
  kneeling  down carrying the 
  sound of sunset
I became stumbling by the 
  by the longing, 
  I've  been guarding
  the doors of ruin
to massage the palm of my 
so that the scars can not  
pigment  him 
poem by 
Ibtissam Ibrahim  - poetess  and translator
  Iraq - Baghdad
Ibtissam Ibrahim Nov 2020
I say..
how will I quit your love
and I am a daily worker like the ashes
slit the dust of silence
wipe the fingerprint on my heart
useful sentences scatter me
but your name, when it comes
bring me together
despite the curfew
Ibtissam Ibrahim

— The End —