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Wisdom Osikwemhe Aug 2022
I have come to realize
That everyone
Good or bad
Rich or poor
Young or old
lives in a hell of their own
Wisdom Osikwemhe Mar 2022
I can't remember her well
Even though, once upon a time I loved her.
I can't remember her face,
Even though I fell in love with her smile.
I still remember the purple lip gloss,
The transparent elegance,
And those rosey fingers.
Her silhouette obscures my sight
But my ears receives silence.
I can never forget her,
But I don't remember her well.
Wisdom Osikwemhe Feb 2022
Her lashes flutter
Those diamond eyes revealed
As she wakes up from slumber
Looking vivid yet unreal
With divine perfection,
Our hands are locked
Skin on skin,
A dance of bliss
I will get carried away,
For my head resides in the clouds.
Wisdom Osikwemhe Jan 2022
You are a lie
Though beautiful,
A beautiful lie is still a lie
Wisdom Osikwemhe Jan 2022
What are you made of,
What makes you smile.
A shadow in your past,
An evenings delight.
Recalled like the wind
Effervescence of the mind.
What makes you cry,
What makes you hurt.
How do you fall,
How deep does it cut.
The thorns stays,
Beauty unaltered by the blood on the tip.
A crown of sorrow,
Royalty of pain.
What are you made of?
Asked the midnight gale
Wisdom Osikwemhe Jan 2022
Sometimes, I wish I could fall asleep
And never wake up.
Sometimes, I wish I was sick
At least I'd have a reason to feel like I do.
Sometimes, I wish I would drown when I swim,
I wish I was dead.
But I'm not,
I haven't drowned.
I'm still healthy.
I'm still awake.
I'm still here.
Surviving with the unnecessary pain
Still faking a smile.
Wisdom Osikwemhe Jan 2022
"You thought I was dead,
But I still live upstairs.
Inside your heart I will be,
Still alive
Still alive!"
Rip to all we've lost in 2021
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