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Dianna Plourde Oct 2020
I don't hurry anymore, not racing
I amble when I ramble, watch my pacing.

At my leisure, cool and slow
I watch the budlings burst and grow,
putting on their April show.

I see November try to hide
his hurt old heart, but it's inside
the chill.
And if you let him show you
then he will.

Ramble, amble, wander, wonder
all about the leaves, and thunder;
and the seasons and the reasons,
and the wherefores and the whys.

And all the sayings of the wise,
...and wanderlust, the way it cries.
Dianna Plourde Aug 2020
Once upon a summer night
a star blazed out its path of light,
and sang 'let's take a ride!'

So up I leapt and grabbed the wind
and sailed across the midnight sky

A travelling star showed me the way,
I followed it and found the day
upon the other side.
Dianna Plourde Aug 2020
Soft and sleepy, she tumbled into flowers,
down onto a flannel meadow,
and dreamed baby dreams.

God's face, smiling.

He dandled her on His knee,
called her by her real name -  dearest - and kissed her awake.

And she remembered.

— The End —