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  Dec 2020 Yang
Jana Pelzom
They have no meaning,
Sometimes they rhyme.
They mean the same thing,
Though said in different times.
Sometimes the most awful things
Is not what stings,
It’s the pretty words
That don’t have meanings
that hurt the worst.
Words © 2020 Jana Pelzom
  Dec 2020 Yang
Jana Pelzom
What’s life?
It's biting my tongue
Instead of my food.
What’s life?
It’s trying to find the answer
But ending up with more questions.
What’s life?
It’s the suffering all around
But being beautiful still.
What’s life?
It’s sitting here
Thinking, less avoiding.
What’s life?
I’m living but I don’t know;
So I laugh when I think of death,
Because why do I even phantom,
To try to know it all
When I am not even dead?
What's Life? © 2020 Jana Pelzom
  Dec 2020 Yang
Jana Pelzom
Just because I write
Doesn’t mean they will read;
Some words they don’t resonate,
Some others they echo,
Some are words said
Maybe to fill the silence,
But I say mine
I don’t want to fear.
Reasons ©️ 2020 Jana Pelzom
  Dec 2020 Yang
Jana Pelzom
I do not beg for forgiveness
I know you are better than that,
I work instead
To help or try to understand,
And wish that my little outbursts
Don’t cause much damage
Please treat me then, like a child,
For I have yet to learn
To not be as wild;
I mean not to scare,
Can I hope
Would I dare?
Apology ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
There are so many shades of everything, it’s a wonder.
Yang Dec 2020
Death always brings us to our knees
For He holds the keys
Death makes us humble
And not to mumble
Open your eyes
Embrace your cries
Don’t sigh
And welcome death
Yang Dec 2020
When he tries to help me
I’m like a mine bomb
About to off
And him being the victim
Will be blown into pieces

And he steps right onto
Those bombs.

— The End —