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Attracts like a magnet
A look at her clamors for more  
When she unveils her smiles
You'll know she's precious
Her eyes glows with innocence
The gap-toothed dentition lovely

Amazed stood the dude lonely
Watching her dazzling shinny-hair
Blown-away by the waves of air
His heart went to dreamworld of love
Wandering with desires ashore
Opt he a sumptuous bed he dreamt

She moves skillfully like a horse
Her twisted walk-style distinct
She has indeed used her instinct
To prove such magical moves
Such perfect looks claimed by Indians
Come to stay home for good he said

She must be a dancing-goddess
Trivial margins of mind broaden
But my guy don't be deceived
By her perfect looking perceived
Jump not into conclusion so fast
That she's good for *** in all styles

For she's not a ***-slave to be enslaved
Why not think fast of her dignity  saved?
In her lies a pool for permitted athlete
Go meet her parents and pay the price
Then activate your dream to reality
You can call her your promise land

©Sylvester Iorsombo

11-07-2020  [®]

DEDICATION: All God-Fearing Ladies
It's not too late to dominate
I've seen the dim-light glowing
Like a bird, lay your nest bit-by-bit
Waves came blowing on me
Great men of Zion I seek advice

Hidden in rocks like diamond
God's shield abounds us in bond
I say to myself: complain not
Absorb the pains for a big deal
Training ambitiously I'm gallant
Till the race ends I won't stop

— The End —