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Tell me if Earth is flat or round,
She hears thin weeping willow's cry.
How planet was this built is too profound.

Tell me about the origins of life.
Where sky was dark, no sound,
Just glimpse of His first light.

Tell me about the waterfall of words
That tends to spill and drown
The valleys of my life.

Tell me about your sins and virtues.
The only truth I want to know
Is if they hurt you.

Tell me why quiet is your tongue,
And why the burden of this time
confusion and debation sprung.
So soft so still
We wonder upon woes
Singing our songs
Nuzzling our nose

Hard of hilltops
Spinning so splendid
Flying on flutes
Playing our pretended

Oh joyful oh joyous
Happy are the harps
Laying in lingerie
Spinning with sparks

Keep the keeper
Calm in her comfort
Drowning in dreams
Sleeping in slumber

— The End —