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A girl I knew, found a brook, in the garden,
filled with wine. All empties laid due south.
So she followed it through the hollow ends,
to where melodies take their time.
Smiling out loud, she fell in love, a little more
than prudence recommends.
But love (as art) is on patience dime,
so she paddled downstream, to unearth a mighty river.
A righteous swell, full of harmony ebbs and echoes,
forgetting she'd even knelt upon its suburban shores and
swapped 'should haves' with ennui.
Curiosity, unsated, she built a boat
and surfed the fickle, fickle tides;
one day drifting in water so wide
she believed she'd tacked into the sky.
James Vasenco Jul 12
Your electric smile
those sly, ***** lips
your tongues natural flare
for unfathomable tricks
that ethereal pause
as the universe blows
stilted, coarse breaths, then you go

The secret, she whispered, who knows if it’s true
'there’s a ring on my finger, but it’s always been you'
James Vasenco Jul 10
Veronica Harmonica Wipe My *** Clean
Was the prettiest princess, the kingdom had seen

She had wealth and a fortune; glamour and fame
But the one thing she lacked, was a beautiful name

Now, Veronika knew, that she'd gotten off lightly
Compared to her brother, Wet The Bed Nightly

Her sister, ***** Burp, really liked her name
Her cousin, Toilet Thunder, exactly the same

It keeps us all ground, stop being a brat
But Wipe My *** Clean, couldn't leave it at that

So she requested a meeting, with Father, the King
And jotted a poem, to make her claim sing

The trumpets wailed, as her name was announced
I know who she is, from the throne, came a shout
To everyone else, he was King Dinkle ***** (the third)
But to his little girl, he was simply Daddy

I love you Daddy, she said with a twirl
These dresses, this lifestyle, I'm the luckiest girl
You've captured me oceans, chocolates, and pearls
The Sultan with swing, the king of the world!

But I have to confess, that some nights I cry
She's could tell it was working, by the look in his eye
It's my name you see, this title, this moniker
Please daddy let me drop the name Veronika

The King was astounded, sat still for sometime
Before screaming out, But then it won't RHYME!
A story for bedtime
James Vasenco Jul 10
She hovered the buttercup under my chin / stay still / you wally / can you feel anything? / it was hardly a match / a pin / or a stick /
but I played along / said it tickled a bit

She mumbled something / and crinkled her nose / like a junior doctor / reviewing their notes / she blew her fringe / 'this isn't easy to say' /
for the faint of heart / please now look away


Melissa told Karen / and Karen told Kate / you know / the spotty one in Mrs Brains class / well / Kate told Andy / and he told me / that if you hold a buttercup under a boys chin / and he feels nothing / then he'll grow up a farmer / or a lemonade seller


If it glows yellow / like a pin-hole sun / and it tickles / a little / then ring the alarm


According to Karen's big sister Sally / the one caught smoking by the Happy Shopper / this is the boy you are going to marry!

She rose to her toes with firework eyes / the kiss was minty / a pleasant surprise / and this led to that / and that to the other / and that my love / is how I met your mother

Goodnight x
It’s so good to see you
wow, your scarf looks great!
I’d like to smear lipstick
all over that face

We share our updates
and quickstep around
the last time we met
like a bag on the ground

How’s your husband?
how’s your wife?
tell me, what you regret
most in this life?

She leans in closer
whispering secrets
of times, of places, of phantoms
she's been with

We reverb, hollow shapes and sounds
remind me, what you like?
as she touches my hand

Your electric smile
those puce, cidery lips
your tongues natural flare
for unfathomable tricks
that ethereal pause
as the universe blows
stilted, coarse breaths, then you go

The secret, she whispered, who knows if it’s true
'there’s a ring on my finger, but it’s always been you'
Are you sure your right / forever / if so / how lucky can one be / but what happens now / I’m cancelled / as the star of James TV / I can see your protecting arms around others / but there’s little space for me

A puritan polemicist / who’d dare argue with you / but they say if you truly want to lead / then you need to listen too

Let’s examine this apple / it’s bright and red and round / would you like to share it / slice it / lick it / choke it / then toss it to the ground / in the same way you treat nuance / as the sheriff of this town

If you’ve solved the world / then I’m so proud of you / I’ll keep on / forging my way / fumbling on / making mistakes / knowing it won’t be long / until your cancelled too

Because what you believe now my love / soon will not be true / and when it’s not / in a shot / we’ll all be judging you!
A helpful teen
with girly friends
on holiday
in Newquay
let the lesson

Can you do me a favour
if you're off to the shops;
pick me up tampons,
marked normal on’t box

Yep, no problem at all.

Wow, a real mouth stretcher
a jumbo wodge porker
it slaps the ground
as it drops from my mouth

But Lisa and Liam are playing charades
exchanging sniggers, a ***** gaze
and don’t notice it slip under the sofa
to die.

Should 16 years old boys
know what they are?
I eyeball bus stop ads searching for clues
as I arrive at my reckoning
the Aldiest, Aldi, I’ve ever seen

I stakeout the aisle
containing ladies’ things
You know, lipsticks, cotton pads,
water that smells
I check for security
before I begin
some premeditated
Yes, just like when I buy condoms

****. That’s one massive box!
a gargantuan bedrock
why didn’t she say?
how will I lug that all the way?
Shall I say they’ve sold out?
And each box is different
pluralist rejoice!
but none providing normal
as an option or choice
A shop assistant enters the aisle
at high noon
I’m forced to ask.
**** it, **** life, **** me in the ****!

Excuse me, Tracey (ooh pretty name)
what size do you buy
when you’re investing?
IN THESE - I ****** a box into her face
I still don't know why to this day
She reaches round me
'here you are love'
and rushes to safety
under plastic tassels

As I heave home my prey
what hero’s welcome will I receive?
a metrosexual epithet?
a badge of honour?
a heraldic coronet? Nope

SUPER! what the heck?
How big do you think my ***** is?

I grew up in a house,
3 brothers
no daddy
and mother rarely talked about
what went up there

Lisa, settles and pulls me aside
Places her hands on my arms
‘Now, close your eyes’
last summer
after the fair
We swapped cidery kisses
on the bench by the tree
when it got dark
you put your hand up my skirt
what did it feel like?
A warmed poached egg…

…Strange, but ok
But not like Cheddar Gorge
Not a draughty, cavernous, unending space.
a vacuum, encompassing time and space!

…goes unpunished.
WARNING: Contains adult themes and swearing...but is hopefully funny. And it's all true!
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