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Radoslava Apr 2021
It took a long time but not a lifetime
To forget that you had ever existed
Radoslava Apr 2021
One day you will wake
And wonder:
Where is my cake
Someone may eat it ...
And you will never get it
Then you will regret it
Now it’s too late
Wondering where is your faith
Radoslava Feb 2021
Let’s pray and thank
For the gifts we have:
The gifts you see
Air you breathe
Food you eat
Information that you can seek
And mainly people, kissing you on your cheek.
Radoslava Nov 2020
There are so many things that I have to do
But no one gives me a clues
Even I look at the moon
I can’t find a muse
Words are for so many use
Only with them you can abuse
And pretending it wasn’t on purpose
Radoslava Nov 2020
What we had
We dont have anymore
What we felt
We dont feel anymore
Thought it would never be The same
But my thoughts are now somewhere
Can’t recall words that belonged only to me
I wanted to touch them not just see

— The End —