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Ameya Deshpande Jun 2020
Why life is all about hard work & success
When it can be a great pleasure & only happiness

Why should it be toiling hard trying to get somewhere
Why can't we have fun in it because we are always there

Why should we struggle for what other people call success
Then we only think of them & get into the whole mess

Why life is all about giving justifications & explanations
Why can't we live insanely when we know our intentions

Why life is about what is wrong & what is right
Why can't we be selfish & fight our own fight

Why are we taught by them who are not fearless
Once we believe in them we become cowards & hopeless

Why do we fear god & try to please him
When we are responsible for our actions & can't blame him

Why is life about doing what others think is right
Why can't we enjoy ourselves & fight for our own right

Why is life so serious as if you may commit a sin
Why can't we roar & triumph as we might win

Why is life so fragile as if a delicate thing
Why can't we have nerves of iron with all the zing

Why life has to be a philosophy with some divine essence
Why can't it be simple & straight with no non-sense
Ameya Deshpande Jun 2020
The biggest monster can't scare you
Nor the worst failure can break you
Even the most horrid force can't create a tinge of fear in you
It's only your mind that could make you or break you

It all depends on how you talk to yourself
It is the only place where you can find any help

We talk ourselves into fears & we talk ourselves into courage
our self-talk creates our beliefs & also creates self-image

It's the self talk that gives us the strength to fight a battle
A good self-talk always creates a great soul-metal

It is a channel through which we can know our weaknesses & strengths
with a good self-talk we have but everything to gain

It is stronger than a prayer or any holy scripture
If you try it...It will give you peace, joy & success for sure
Ameya Deshpande Jun 2020
A defeated soul is the most humble creation
As it knows the truth & it's own limitations

A defeated soul knows life's pitfalls
It knows what makes you stumble & what makes you fall

A defeated soul is always compassionate as it knows how it feels
it knows what hurts & what heals

A defeated soul knows that its going to be a success
But its wise enough not to trade its own happiness

A defeated soul has seen the rise & the fall
Hence its friendly & is as strong as a stone wall

A defeated soul knows that death cannot be avoided
It knows the foolishness of life where the fear is rewarded

A defeated soul is a hero who doesn't have a success story
But it knows that you must live for yourself & not for the glory

A defeated soul is sometimes as quiet as a stone
Because it knows that life is an ice-cream melting in its cone

A defeated soul can share its story without saying a word
It can tell you the truth that you haven't heard

A defeated soul hasn't lost its faith in goodness
It only knows better the dangers of life & is not careless

I think that a defeated soul is an echo of a sweet melody
It may have seen the dark side of life but it still is a thing of beauty
Ameya Deshpande Jun 2020
When I was hurt & lost someone dear
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

When the going got tough with nothing to gear
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

when the faith felt small & doubts really bigger
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

When the sky was dark & nothing seemed near
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

when the wounds were hurting with no immediate cure
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

when the hopes were grim & nothing was clear
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

When storms came hard striking some fear
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

I fought & fought & I fought till the victory was sure
Yes, I could do it because I am a foot soldier
Ameya Deshpande Jun 2020
Freedom is losing without fears
Slavery is just tears

Freedom is being proud & great
Slavery is just to regret

Freedom is something worth dying for
Slavery is nothing worth living for

Freedom is like being a warrior
If you are a slave then your fate is much sad & inferior

Freedom is like loving your woman & your wine
Slavery is just hopelessly guessing that 'I am fine'

Freedom is the truth & the success
Slavery is a grief in excess

Freedom is caring for your soul
Freedom is being master of you own destiny
Freedom is having self-respect

So if you are a slave then make yourself free
I bet that then you will grow like a sacred tree.

by ameya deshpande

— The End —