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Poetic justice Nov 2020
As my heart grows ever more cold,,

I'm becoming a person,
That was never foretold

Your actions becoming increasingly bold,

Your hand is getting harder to hold

And now i am aware of the lies that you sold,

Our love is beginning to unfold.
Poetic justice Oct 2020
Freedom of speech,
Gives us the
freedom to teach,
As long as we can get past
The political leach,
We need to open people's eyes,
There are many to reach,
But it's all pointless,
If we don't live,
by the words that we preach.
Poetic justice Oct 2020
I was heading down a slippery *****,
I tried to pull myself back up,
But couldn't reach the rope,
There was no hope,
How the hell am I supposed to cope.

I tried with all my might,
And suddenly I saw a really bright light,
And decided to fight,
I took flight,
Now I'm whizzing round the clouds,
At withering heights.
I'm really struggling with my mental health right now,  as I'm sure a lot of people are with everything that's going on right now, stay safe and keep positive.
Poetic justice Oct 2020
I once had a bright vision,,

Now I'm trapped in my own head,

That has become my mental prison!!
Poetic justice Oct 2020
Oh how my mind does dwell,

Is this real life,
Or is this hell,

The worst part of all,
I just cannot tell.
Poetic justice Aug 2020
We live in a world of heartache and violence,

Is it surprising,

that many choose to suffer in silence?
Poetic justice Jul 2020
you can get through this,
its true,

And even in the darkness,
The stars shine for you !
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