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We live in a world of heartache and violence,

Is it surprising,

that many choose to suffer in silence?
you can get through this,
its true,

And even in the darkness,
The stars shine for you !
I write because it makes me feel like someone is listening,

- or am I finally listening to myself...
This world is unkind
Its full of venomous minds
These people go around committing terrible crimes,
and in time,
Compassion of humanity has gone into decline,
the way we treat each other sends a shiver down my spine,
these are dark times ,
and many of us are failing to shine, my heart is breaking as I'm writing this rhyme,
I dream of world that is pure and divine,
I don't know what to do,  
lord, please send me a sign,
we need to wake up people,
the eye's are useless if the mind is blind !!
All this hyped up glam and glitz
  giggly girls break down in fits
    these mascara clad boys devoid of wits
The shallower they go,  the deeper it gets

Sillouettes lacking inner angles and lines...
The substance goes absent when the light shines...
Plotless drama without direction, still winds
These tragically bad fads spread like vines

Overrun with Reality shows depicting what's REAL
  A mass zombie audience digesting their meal
Not In, but outside, this box they soften like veal
  Staring at a screen that numbs how they feel

When did the war on intelligence start?
  Losers not knowing that losing's not smart...
Cable providers gladly doing their part
  News channels selling half-truth ala carte

I will be a rebel and fight for your mind
Hiding remote-controls where they won't find
Trading entertainment for knowledge in kind
  Giving books out to the voluntarily blind

It's gonna be a BATTLE!!!  WHO'S COMING WITH  ME ?
( have solar power confidence
And a battery operated smile

My hobbies include
Editing my life story
Hiding behind metaphors

And trying to convince my shadow That I'm someone worth following
I have grown alot,
In many different ways,
No longer do I have Such hidden rage, Instead I let it out,
My thoughts are the ink That glides across the page,
My soul is no longer Locked in a cage, And even after I'm gone,
My mind is immortal,
It will last for an age....
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