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Stardust Nov 2020
Speak from your heart
Your word is your wand
Every word spoken
The subconscious will  respond
Choose words wisely
The Soul understands
The meaning precisely
Words used to heal bless or prosper
Serves you best
Peace love and kindness
Forget all the rest
Stardust Nov 2020
Creation of Shadows.
Will bear  love in time.
Blossoming new ideas.
To the the sound of the wind chime.
Grounding to Earth
Dirt on the feet life can offer a little grime.
Soul does cleanse
For a unity consciousness  re-start
With the help of sound and light
Don’t hide behind your heart
Listen to intuition
Heart mind/coherence is never apart
Illusionary visions
Concepts of time and space
Nothing is as it seems
Blessed be the Human Race
Stardust Sep 2020
Love for the Earth
Lets raise  it’s vibration
Observe your mind
A Peaceful creation
To feel resistance
Means letting go.
A cosmic relation
To find frequency 528
I know you can do it
So Lets go and create
Wisdom pours from heart
Rise in Consciousness
Is a good start
The Soul knows what you need
The sun and moon
Brings healing godspeed
Galaxies unite
Never underestimate the  power of seed
Planted in thought
Flourish and grow
Fertile soil
Rhythmic breathing
Just let it flow
God consciousness
Reap what you sow
Love for your garden
Love for the mother
Star friends unite
In your mind
Imagination just might
Be what you need
To feel your heart is perfectly right
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