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TLPrince Jun 2020
And all the Rainbows on my bed
with their colorful tunes full of laughter
and those gateway suns of her's
Couldn t wipe out
The shadows that lay in my head

All the italian spring on my time
pools of rain and pain for fools that make her laugh and cry
were for both of us
but the premices of our dawn
and the silver worth losing
Down the golden road

oh smile at my window
Reflects swearing up the block
Of stolen nights, in mindless chimes
Purple evenings, with your face in my haze
My smokes before my eyes
Hid that tenderness under my threadbare hands
that couldn t give and wait, weep and break
boy, don t you dare asking what you never gave
Tell me sweet faced girl, which step did i miss, on the staircase of your love

(the sound of footsteps in my memory.
wipe the dust of memories off your shoes!
...silence at my doorstep...)

They locked smile into smile
And time ran the soft chain around their wrists
them that could not stir a single sigh from past
and who with clenched teeth looked back in wonder
palms aimless, aimlessly reaching for the sun that never falls, but neither stays
On bitter pillows they laid each night,
From prayer to blasphemy they racked

And painted blue eyes black,
For the requiem

Parchment throats that breath but to burn
Glitter eyes under the makeup of lies
Alcohol hands rising through their mightlessness
And sweet, sweet heart that cries but no one...

O girls of the west, your windy laughter
Is it made for the leaves of my youth?
Do you remember her when you remind me of her face?
blended though pure, serene traits of whoredom cavalcade your dances
The fall in its glory, throw myself golden limp
On velvet flesh billowing, clawed, teeth gnawed, throw myself broken beast rampaging
wrecking and wracking through your hours of shadiness, through your shades of impudor...


Fling your tongue, snake in tasty waters
Pierce my heart, bass drum to your beat
Red harbour of my lust, scorned love
for scared trials, and scared fingers
Red harbour of my lust, oooh
The time is drawing close
can t you feel when the night pursues
That sometimes when the light is right
And it agrees w the dark, the dark w the shade, and the shade w the sound and the sound w the blood
and the blood w the fruit
and the fruit w the seed
and the seed w the brain
and the mind w it
and the mind w the pride
and the pride w the strength
and the strength w the taste
anf the taste w the girl
and the girl w the night
if the night pursues, when all and all agree together, the night pursues alone
Can t you feel then. You are a god.

"Gorgeous, I am a god"
"But are you mine?" shimmer smirk, that me eye caught. -Shall I get closer-arm to waist, close...closer
Mocking pout, disavowing tighs,
her eyes fell inside for the beat
Catch it back that twinkle in the air boy
I got your eyes back gorgeous.
Questions lash
"I am a god"
kindling sigh
Sugar sigh
Surrender sigh

Thats when the whip comes in,
"I am a god" thinkst thou no more
Thats when the whip comes in, and wait for the great fleet to anchor... "anchor..." said she,
Red harbour of my lust...
in the ****** of your charms I stole my deity, silver goddess you re truly, get back, get back on your knee
Plead and plead, ablaze beat
Tide to tide, swirling heat
Burn for burns, licking seat
My's in my's... amor's bead
Rolling tenderly down her back

where shall I stop?
And where should I?

Lost to be found, every little girl want to be
Broken to be one, every little girl want to be
Yours to be her, every lil girl want to be
TLPrince Jun 2020
Through night's maze, i ll always miss my girl
i ll collect my dreams of her's like precious pearls
On the necklace of my heart

Through work haze, i d always keep her name
Shining forth my way out the dull and lame
if only her name wasn t a part

She played for me dice
and her smile and her smile and her twice
both for me and I, were but my dream of flesh
And the flesh of my dreams

I hold her in those dreams
but not for long
I hold her but free she is
and free belongs

i ll write the true colour of her eyes one day
when i stumble over all the words and come back unheard
I ll come back unscared, though not unhurt
And i ll shine forth the rhyme of her
only a couple of lines, a speck of sounds
but the true ones
not the truest
the true ones
And I ll awake then, i long to awake so
I ll awake my fine verse on my mind
I ll reach the window, and open my day w the curtain in a shower of morning
And the window once open, i ll let my verse fly away in the fresh breeze, over the land and far away, and forget as quickly as i d turn, to face the bed where my love and I have laid, and
still lay
TLPrince Jun 2020
Summer has gone,
so softly
like the finger on the cheek

Now winter is there
As the night rides the dawn
And the cold pierces us
like nails on babies cheeks

my brethren in lie
take some raiment off your heart
and open the nakedness to true warmth

In and throught the alcohol hollow light
we stumble and rise frozen hands to greying skies
That harbour but no hope
no warmth either escaped the prison clouds
to rescue shallow heart
That frost has taken

Beneath evening's land were we to...
TLPrince Jun 2020
at moon,
we resorted to land our hopes back on earth,
to cast our eyes
away from the shrivelled skies
and back to earth,
for by looking up
we felled our legs,
broken kneed,
we rushed with blind feet in deepening mud

sobbing in the cold
lets steal a glance to the warm ******* of middle aged women
who speak of the weather
that speaks of their minds

blank sheets filled w sweat
turn and turn around the legs
the neck burning,
though water trickle its way to some ***
the eyes dewy at morning
the heart darkened and the mind howling in agony
but the soul,
thirsty soul,
still gritted against sleep
TLPrince Jun 2020
You know ive hurt
a long time below
i believed my lies
and once i saw
I had to forgive the child i was
the child im still

Your evening prayer
it rose up in the air
i catch it w my ear
then lay down in silence
every word that i fear:

you know i ll hurt
a long time and more
i believed your lies
and now i know
I ll have to forgive me, for loving you
For loving you still

Your morning parlour
is filled with strangers
who forgot their lipsticks
and lay down in wonder
how does it feel being homesick

And baby I heard your heart weeping in the dark
thru memories night we wander often
each one has its own road now
would have we believed that, when we first met?

We were children and we are much child still
though the eyes grow a little bluer under time

See love, summer has come back
the yellow woods await
in the declining light

pitiless sun
cast its shameless eye
again and ever again
on our naked hands
TLPrince Jun 2020
hey babe
what you've been hiding
in the cupboard of your truth?

a broken tear
filled w old sun,

i m just running after
some kind of youth
And i fear
it's just begun
TLPrince Jun 2020
She walks out on me
like mud
spattered through her days

And my colourless sun,
mudded in desire
Lay, crumpled in the maraches of expelled memories.
my outcasts little thoughts
They been friends of mine for long
I wish them the pangs of the island
Lonesome at *****,
like madman in farandoles.
And blind beasts
running amok.
A last time or so

free ill be or so i hope
And hope for sunrise
is still a light

Broken-hearted at dawn full of smiles and hellos
sobbing silence in the early hours
spluttered stain on shattered day

Love-curdling dance at midnight
The vultures were always around
w a slice of meat in the beck
and two under their wings
If only the troubled bridge did not go over spirituous flow
and the redhead mermaids...
oh lemme go, lemme go to them
little love in the blur
lemme see if sinews break before bedsprings
if flesh melt before lust
Or is that your flighty temptress, old bearded fool,
to keep time w time,
mind with stich,
and spike w grime,
and recline over
disecrated limbs?
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