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O that virus who came like a visitor
You came conceded at once
And it seems you came with alot of purposes
You came at the time when some men are holling, but not others

Before your visit some are holling for persistence and starving
But others keep the persistence and starving
We saw how you broke that persistence and starving from others
And now the keepers are holling and the hollens are convivial

Is this the purpose of your visit to your selective friends?
OH if this is it, you make a big alliance with the rich and poor
You even made blacks and the alabaster to unanimity
And now they are looking for Concord and tranquility

OH you visitor you came with alot of astound
You visit the globe with a different exceptional ways
Which you made some to even be scared with their loved ones
A taciturn move which eradicate in mare eye but inside is a benediction to scarce.
O living like a stranger in my dwelling
Solitude and painful living in my dwelling
Shy away, looking for somewhere to hide in my dwelling

Dread to enter pantry to get some cuisine for myself in my dwelling
Slumbering outside my body, but inside my psyche am awake in my dwelling
Grin outside my grimace, but inside my heart am crying in my dwelling

Trying to screed with my kinfolk but am petrified to do in my dwelling
Trying to be the one am I before in my dwelling
But am skirmish to live and gain the respect of lang syne in my dwelling.
O how should I love *****
I will love ***** like rubies
I will posture and looking at her ocellus

Oh! You my dear *****
You appear to me like a obscure ammunition
Your love made me drown in the grey sea and black land
Your coyness made me tenderness like a psychological love spell

— The End —