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Apr 16 · 103
God, forever friend
I prayed and called out
those who had left long ago,
some returned,
God, within me stays
and hears me.
Apr 11 · 164
The mask of shared grief
The smile I stole from you now graces my face, concealing my tears and pain while revealing yours.
Apr 11 · 69
Find true path in life
Sorrow fades away
in service to others' pain.
Life finds its true path.
Apr 11 · 94
Regaining a sense of your true self through awakening a latent consciousness and letting go of regrets about the past—which was a necessary step toward its fruition—is what realization is all about.
Apr 10 · 91
Peace is life
Weapons create war.
War brings destruction.
Peace is born from understanding and love.
Apr 9 · 107
Silence is the final resting place of speech.
Apr 9 · 173
Life is X & Y game
DNA defines
our unique identity.
Life's X and Y game!
Apr 8 · 302
Poetic Vision
Eyes of the poet,
Seeing worlds beyond our own,
Feelings overflow.
Apr 6 · 97
Fear mongering mind.
Dreams forever filled with fright.
Life devoid of peace.
Apr 6 · 52
Words on paper speak.
The ache of that lonely day resonates.
No comforting touch.
Apr 6 · 80
Every flaw leads to perfection once it overcomes itself when it can no longer support itself.
Mar 31 · 64
Speech is clumsy
Speech is the clumsy distortion of silence.
Mar 30 · 139
In silence, we write. 
Without feedback, words fall flat. 
Poetry is extinct.
Mar 30 · 257
Life's fleeting moments
experiences we hold dear,
but never truly own.
Mar 29 · 93
Colourless World
The world is colored by the mind. But does the mind see its own color?
Mar 28 · 92
Seeds planted in dark
Seeking light but cannot find
Know not their own self.
Mar 26 · 56
Life starts with a breath. 
The world awakens with our birth. 
Our end brings the quiet death of both.
In the void of thought,
Silence cradles the soul's rest,
Peace in stillness found.
Mar 24 · 58
Light and darkness
Light didn't enter.
Inside, there was already
darkness, a shadow of fear.
Mar 24 · 52
Unfound Blessings
Blessings abound.
But yours remains unfound.
A blessing in disguise.
Mar 24 · 46
Find Peace
Living with dislikes,
free path to renunciation.
Letting go, finding peace.
Mar 23 · 42
Future Frets
I fear not the future,
but future frets my fate with doubt,
I'll conquer its test.
Mar 23 · 163
Heavy Price
Hatred breeds a storm,
Innocents caught in its rage,
Price paid by us all, heavy.
Mar 23 · 86
Silence is Soul
Worldly things are food
for the mind, feeding desire.
Silence nourishes soul.
Mar 23 · 83
Heartfelt Poetry
Words woven with care
Poetry reaches within.
Touches the heart's depth.
Mar 22 · 96
Annihilation Invited.
Mar 22 · 76
Un helpful people at every step.
Not even in dreams, you are not there,
Only you I seek, the radiant.
Mar 20 · 187
Mind, a Netflix screen!
Mind a Netflix screen
Playing life's drama each day
Draws me in, captives.
Mar 20 · 92
Friendship from afar
Keeps it pure and free from harm
Close, it turns to poison.
Mar 19 · 36
Silence is awareness.
Speech is beguilement.
Mar 19 · 39
Sweet Memories
Rain falls far away.
Breeze whispers of memories.
Dreams drift on soft wind.
Mind spills a magnaful
of sweet memories.
Mar 18 · 113
Pseudo Friends
Friendly words abound.
But when assistance is sought,
friendship facade quickly falls.
Mar 18 · 71
Wisdom in restraint
Silent anger burns.
Speaking only fuels the fire.
Wisdom in restraint.
Mar 17 · 172
Let self emerge
Less of world within.
More of pure soul shining bright.
True self emerges.
Mar 16 · 354
Life has lost it's magic
Life's magic gone now.
Small stage, characters crowd,
weary viewers watch,
Tricks repeat, no spark.
Life has lost it's spell.
Mar 15 · 110
Solitude is gratitude for silence filled with serenity.
Mar 14 · 143
The final sigh of poetry
Life beyond the poetic realm.
Sinking into silence, an emotional free fall.
Ebbing away the final sigh of poetry.
Mar 13 · 116
Silence nourishes the soul.
Quiet moments bring peace.
Harmony within.
Mar 12 · 101
Hush the situation
I remained silent.
Words left unspoken, a void.
The situation hushed.
Mar 11 · 114
A Selfless act of kindness.
Unseen by human eyes,
but known by God above,
A smile so bright,
Joy in every curve,
Verse blossomed on face.
Mar 9 · 117
Patient Wait
Waited for a good day,
endlessly, and I became ripe
and sweet like a fruit.

Now, the ants are biting me
for dessert, a stinging end
to my patient wait.
Mar 9 · 165
Worries as a wage,
from the choices we have made,
heaviness in heart.

Happiness as a reward,
guided by our senses, keen
in fleeting, clamouring.
Mar 7 · 97
Life is fragile
Eyes hold tales untold.
Melancholy image stays.
Life's frailty revealed vividly.
Mar 6 · 53
Nature is supreme
Pushing past our limits.
Ignoring past warnings.
Nature conquers all.
Mar 5 · 47
I long to be reborn so I can nap in my warm mother's lap—the most revered place in the whole cosmos.
Mar 4 · 64
Mindful legs
Legs with minds of their own,
Overriding the dictates of a fickle mind,
Guiding us to the right places,
We would find our true destinations.
In the stillness,
Your presence lingers with me,
even when you're gone.
Mar 3 · 147
Avoid Conflict
Bitter thoughts arise,
But words of peace prevail, modes
Change, conflict subsides.
Razor- Sharp scalpel of poetic words.
Peeling off layers of human traits.
Revealing the soul.
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