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15h · 40
Shoreless Ocean
Where should I steer the ship of my destiny in the shoreless ocean of life?
When thoughts invade your mind like ghouls on a dark night, how can you trust it?
3d · 403
Walk Lovingly
Walk lovingly into the crevices of your unpleasant memories so that the bitterness of the past might be replaced with the sweetness of the present.
6d · 108
Kind Thoughts
Let our thoughts at least be kind to us.
May 23 · 214
The onset of a desire signals the onset of a challenge and the onset of a setback.
A profound lyric becomes a powerful wind of steadfast love.
Lifts the hate-filled cloak that has been engulfing humanity.
A new sense of calm and tranquilly descends across the divided society.
Didn't you feel compelled to write poetry right now?
Put yourself at ease.
The sun has risen, and it is now day.
At night, the moon will also rise.
Try writing in the moonlight.
Poetry may arise at any time.
May 18 · 116
Where should I go?
Why do I go?
if compassion is found in this land.
May 18 · 90
Enticed Calamity.
Vigorously croaking frogs with a crush.
Dark clouds' enlarging shadow.
Values and possessions are washed away by raging flood.
May 17 · 262
above, the sky.
beneath, the ground.
betwixt, rowing the boat of existence.
May 16 · 107

Everything is empty.
May 7 · 211
Be frivolous on the outside,
but a monk on the inside.
May 6 · 115
Who are you to be attached to anything when you can't truly like or hate anything?
May 5 · 154
Vendors of peace
Poets are made to be vendors of peace.
May 5 · 165
Itchy life dust
Avoid touching or prodding anything; if you do, itchy life dust fragments will stick to your skin. Instead, veer over to the side
May 3 · 513
Lose, if you can
Lose all you can in this life.
However, if the sagging smile on your face draws all soul-eating spirits to you, you will crown your defeats with glory.
May 2 · 95
Give up desire
When thou gave up on desire, the slayer of common sense, thou attained greatness.
The chicken crows with pride.

The Sun, predictably, ascends.

The  guy in charge of the chicken's fate chopped its neck, stripped its feathers, and hung it in front of his shop.

Some of the village's ever-lazy and hungry residents walked into the store and gorged themselves on the chicken pieces. They sank to the floor and instinctively gripped their chest.

The chemeleon perched on the compound wall like a bully, ran to the backyard closet to avoid the predictable turmoil that ensued.
Apr 30 · 112
The world of noise is no longer mine.
In the silence, I am lost.
Apr 30 · 76
Life turns into a festival of divinity when the heart transforms into a conch that blows peace.
Apr 29 · 148
First Rain
After a protracted wait, the first rain of the year has finally arrived.
It has calmed the frazzled thoughts and cooled the soil.
Joy is pouring in abundance everywhere.
The vitality of life has returned.
Apr 23 · 216
A poet's wish
I only want a small space to scribble down a few lines of poetry that will endure forever.
Apr 23 · 137
Unfounded belief
We believe that someone is in possession of our hearts.

We believe that we are in possession of their goals and dreams.

We believe that the vast majority of people think and live in that way.
Apr 22 · 169
Tasteless Life
Life nowadays can be compared to a dish that smells amazing but tastes bland when you bite into it.
Apr 22 · 142
Flawed Choices
My decisions are broken stances.
Apr 18 · 501
Self defeated
When one is defeated within, one puts on a brave face, like a tree stripped of its branches shining brightly in the fading sunlight.
Apr 17 · 105
Except for your broken promises, everything is slipping from my grasp.
Apr 16 · 155
Self Worth
Those who cling to others to live have sold their self-worth short.
Who is the witness to a fake life?
Do the people we live with resemble the images in our hearts?
Apr 13 · 202
Close to everything.
Not fixed in anything,
like a dream.
Apr 13 · 120
Darkness beckons
It is difficult to go on.
There isn't an option.
The darkness of life beckons.
Apr 12 · 131
An abyss of misfortune
Walls of bad luck obstructing progress.
An expanding gulf of hopelessness leads to an abyss of misfortune. Into a place from where there is no turning back, the soul dives.
Apr 11 · 111
Who am I?
A distortion of space.
Apr 6 · 219
Does it matter?
Does it matter whether the log is burned from the front or the back?

Life is a log with two burning ends.
Apr 3 · 233
Nothing isn't much
Nothing here isn't much.
Even if you unwrap and spill, everything remains the same.
Apr 2 · 368
No where to go..
Gotta live here.
Gotta die here.
You have nowhere to go.
Apr 1 · 188
The sea of life has no harbours.
Apr 1 · 110
Dare to dream
The wind of faith has carried hope to the shore.
Dare to dream once again.
Mar 31 · 207
Elusive Fulfillment
Half a life is lived each day.
Not yet lived a full life.
Mar 29 · 476
Promise and Curse
Yesterday, life was a promise.
Today, it's a curse.
Mar 28 · 190
Dream of destiny
May we all experience an unique, unrestricted dream of destiny in one another's poetry.
Mar 27 · 168
Not giving back to others what you have received from them.
Can a goat follow the same path that an elephant has taken?
Mar 26 · 300
Something goes wrong every time I think of you. Today, I lost one of my last teeth.
Mar 26 · 138
Uncertain future
Uncertainty about the future is everyone's biggest concern.
Mar 26 · 101
Do with self motivation
Good deeds performed while under the influence of others are short-lived. Without influence, good deeds decline.
Mar 26 · 99
Wrong Claim
You claimed that the drawing I made of you had no soul. I'm sorry to say that it isn't even present in the actual person.
Mar 26 · 82
A honey dew fell softly on the leaf.
My soul's silence was broken.
It agitated the God within me.
Mar 25 · 114
A cocktail of illusion and strong feelings.
Sip gently to enjoy.
Mar 24 · 126
Who am I?
I am the void between your spoken and unspoken words.
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