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There was no reflection of the moon
in the sea waters, eventhough it was a new moon night.


The sea thought that it's a dark moon night.
22m · 8
Don't worry about your fate in history.

This moment is defined by what you do right now.
1h · 32
Two things that can never be regained
once they have been lost are;

Reputation and Life.
3h · 41
I'd like to see you only in my dreams because you looked  more beautiful in them.
4h · 30
I was shocked to see the sky empty one day.

Without the twinkling stars, it looked forlorn and ugly.

I pinned all the poems on to the empty sky, painstakingly. It started twinkling again.
4h · 22
Nature, you have lavished me with free gifts of air, light, and other valuables over the years.

What have I given you, in exchange?

Nothing, except for polluting your gifts.
5h · 46
Act well
Act well, while on stage.
Exit, when the bell rings.
Don't wait to see audience's reaction.
5h · 31
When I called you loudly, you didn't even look at me.

Instead, your attention was drawn to­ 
the bird in the tree, which was 
frantically calling  its mate.­

At that moment it seemed to me that you were unconcerned about my presence in your life.
10h · 34
Be an


in life.
I can't write my normal poor poetry for a while after writing a swashbuckling poem.
After the euphoria of greatness has worn off, my poor poetry begins to run through my veins onto the paper once more.
11h · 47
I did not stict to my guns because I hated "Gun's"
15h · 91
Most of us do not reach the intended destination in life because our boats are steered  by pirates.
15h · 29
For me, life with you is the only unsolved riddle.
23h · 57
You sang a lot of depressing songs everyday, but  melody, like your fate, always remained the same.
23h · 32
Hesitant Rain Drop
The rain drop slid down the leaf.
It was hesitant to leap off the leaf because it could see floodwaters gushing down the street below causing devastation everywhere.
1d · 35
Your admission that I was a victim of your untamed dreams has strengthened my determination to pursue you criminally.
1d · 29
The agile Hawk swooped down on the unsuspecting Pigeon.
Plucked it alive.
The onlookers cursed the Hawk for its cruel behaviour.
But they were oblivious to the fact that nature pardons it's sins.
1d · 85
An ornamentation of the soul by the human spirit.
Our love was doomed to fail because your silent mechanical heart could never produce the kind of emotions necessary for love to blossom between us.
2d · 253
I dropped you from the potential lovers list because you defined "love" as a "variable noun".
3d · 289
Innocent End
The tired twig broke.
A lone Leaf went into a free fall.
It softly landed on the ant hole.
A bustling empire descended into permanent darkness.
3d · 159
I am


"thoughtful mess"
4d · 143
Get connected with me, you said.

So I purchased a new apartment near yours.
4d · 31
Love Again.
Your heart melting response to my rejection of your love made me love you again.
4d · 68
Why can't everyone like everyone else?

We are human beings, so can't.. can't.. can't..
4d · 106
I meant the distance to travel between my heart and your heart when I said "space expedition."
5d · 86
Why your shadow came to seek my love?

I want to meet the real you.
5d · 41
Which half of the globe would you remain "my love" if it splits into two and drifts off?
5d · 77
You call it poetry,
but I call it a PSA!
PSA=Public Sevice Announcement
5d · 50
What's your last word on our love?

"  let us make it better "
5d · 107
Mind has no parts,
yet it breaks down often.
6d · 82
Seeing you again in my dream was a nightmare.
6d · 373
Love happens once
but disagreements about it
occur frequently.
6d · 29
I thought I had reached the end of my life when you told me bluntly that "no human being would ever love me."
6d · 42
Speak, if I have less to say.
6d · 77
Mind is as crazy as it's creator -the nature.
6d · 62
Love is always at the mercy of passion.
6d · 48
Like a story,
life can have one ending.
6d · 37
The sac under your chin is the only outward manifestation of your inability to cope with life's whims.
6d · 108
Don't follow me;

I'm chasing my dreams.
6d · 40
Power is a delicacy.
Every one wants to have
a bite of it.
6d · 57
Let us ride life together.
The journey may be long
for some and short for some,
let us ride it together.

Remove  the worrisome
look on your face, fearful of
dark future,
let us ride it together.

Life is hope, life is joy,
Life is  opportunity,
the future is shining
let us ride life together.
7d · 68
Don't talk of the present.
It's too bad.
Leave it.

Even hope is incurably sick.
7d · 134
The problem with life is that,
it never appears to be a hard
earned prize.
7d · 39
Anything in Life
7d · 101
Birth is the mortal wound from which the soul wants to free itself.
The Sun never takes back the rays he sends out.
7d · 31
Your fading smile is steadily breaking my heart.
If my silence is a conspiracy
according to you,

then your speech is a scandal
according to me.
7d · 89
Why your dreams are colourless,
I asked him.

He said "  I am color blind".
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