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Lida Dela Mar 2021
She stood there in front of him,

When the sun was then gleaming,

An enticing smile,

She that looked upon him,

It was but a day,

A blink,

Before he had known

That the lover’s eye was blinding,

Thus year's had passed, and

his rose began shiverling ,

A youth lost to unkind times,

Wisdom grew inside his heart,

he went to spread them,

Like lovers do,

Only to learn why poets spoke in tunes,

Could the rodents meet the eagle's heights,

Could they understand the lover's heart?

When freedom sored high above the clouds,

when chaos was left behind,

His ego did not rule,

She looked at him confused,

Lost in the clutch of time,

It wasn't her who grew,

To rewrite the script of what they knew,

The tokens turned to favor him,

She was lost at sea,

A ship capsizing

Would she find the sun to light

Her day, the lighthouse to guide her way?

He no longer cared,

He no longer cared,

When the eagle's sore to the moon,

The rodents fall from view.

Lida Dela Dec 2020
My soul,  it speaks in my words,
through each line I write,
I wished to know you, to know myself,
so I wrote of you, for many days
you were a part of me,
reaching into the deepest crevices  
of every part that made me who I was,
and so your love continues to flow in me,
through each word I write,
and through each line.
Lida Dela Dec 2020
I loved you
and it was a timeless thing
I guess people just meet
at points in time
fixed just for them,
but time passes,
and so do they...
but perhaps,
on another day,
or in another life
we’ll meet again.
Lida Dela Dec 2020
Infinite symphonies echo through space and time in light and sound waves of love,
because he said,
” be”
it was.
Lida Dela Dec 2020
I dream of greater things,
And you’ve planted the seeds
In my heart..
If only it was as easy,  
taking the high
Road as to fault,
but how could we settle
For the pond
when there is a river to be touched?
And if hope must live in our dreams,
then let me keep dreaming of a day
When rainbows 🌈
will not leave us.
Lida Dela Dec 2020
I live inside a world of worlds
Inside my mind and heart,

So that through my thoughts on life,
I could perchance help you

The world, of worlds
inside your own.

The Poet.

Lida Dela Dec 2020
Oh man! Why do we take up shame?
Do we not know the devil became arrogant because of it?
whispering in our ears, accepting it,
we bring each other down
to feel better about ourselves,
controlling each other, afraid,
living in arrogance,
we fall into the pits of hell,
thinking by doing so
we will save ourselves,
we have become shameless,
in pain,
burning inside the devils flames,
and we don't even realize it.
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