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Cyclone Feb 15
I love that I'm over 6ft tall. I'm not average, but still I have large shoes to fill.
Cyclone Feb 13
The devil is in the details but the "devil is a lie" is the main idea, know your truth...
Cyclone Feb 10
Granted, it's predictable; unpredictable when taken for granted.
Cyclone Feb 9
to all that took the time to read....

sleep tight!,

I keep you in my prayers to see another day as well. Let's make it last forever as is heaven and hell.
Cyclone Feb 7
Epitaph of haunt will not define me...
Cyclone Feb 7
Kinetic phonetics bred it said it and spread it, so eclectic, electric but only hectic if you wreck into connective flexes, both sexes composed with different flows of this unique feat and when they meet- X's and O's!, love greets the rose above streets of gold, city of lights finite and told, symbolism of my night- is showed as I drove with the doves to coves as maestro, the sight though will grow when I know a pro has high notes and lows when I blow- to and fro, the instant quote might be "No!", but some rights I know led to plight I show, strife I tow- dove into effect, in this complex hex I had wrecks with respect, and next blues ***** and set tone, sometimes fret- or regrets were shown, so I own the lone man that loans the grown, postponed, honed, and prone, OWN ZONES.
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