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Cyclone Nov 2020
World War Z..
no better time than to make generation Z bear witness..
with an X amount of contributing factors that makes the X factor 2nd to none..

this is survival,
and the war going on outside will make you run but fail to hide
the hidden truth ain't scared to reveal itself and prevail in the wake of its second coming..

first comes opening your eyes slowly- the rude awakening-
what goes up must come down..
things fall apart..

a part of me is part of the slaughter,
parting ways with my partner that would ride or die with me but whom I left for dead,
dying inside not knowing which way to go..
my way was the highway that couldn't get with the program..

as a result- predictive programming
done made a savage that's another statistic..
another tally on the death toll in which they pad the stats..
making it look worse on paper to sell it best for the worse.
Cyclone Nov 2020
How can I ever get a hold of things I can't put a finger on?,
I've heard they can just push a button to destroy this world,

in this age of finger pointing,
things are just bound to get out of hand,
I can't count the atrocities on two hands...
that's a major problem...

who can I count on to tell me what's really going on?, you throw rocks and hide your hand yourself..
you're lying to yourself!,

the hand that rocks the cradle is who I allude to,
they rock you to sleep to keep you in a dream state and pacify you..

this election is playing a hand in that simultaneously single-handedly hands down,
throw up your hands Mr. Handyman!..
I caught you red handed..

I put matters in your hands...
but the bloods on your hands...

trying to live my life like its golden..
nobody has the midas touch..
you use your hands to create more problems..

Imma hand you a gun..
you'll do yourself a favor..
man must destroy himself to fix the issue..
pass the torch!
Cyclone Nov 2020
What we're witnessing is quite the circus act
but first things first..
they had to let the so called black boy fly
then the fat lady sang

good for the reasons you laugh and you cry
what makes me laugh might make you cry
but to me ain't a **** thing funny
and I won't shed a tear over how things seem,

so much **** I done seen I should cry with you....
I admit I tend to laugh at you and not with you

the LORD is my witness and the truth does hurt
fell face first cause it has my number..
LORD?, I've shed so many tears..
life's a trip!
Cyclone Nov 2020
"Don't go to war unless I got my money right",
"Still trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents"..

common sense tells me my concept of dollaz making sense is farfetched..
what would Trump do?

in the age where stretching the truth can fill your pockets
what's coming out of pocket is all I have
I've lived a lie!

I couldn't be further from the truth
when I was close to really getting that bag,
I was allergic to the success that would rest my case of me putting my money where my mouth is

it costs nothing to take what I say with a grain of salt, I've peppered my salt over the homies that got they mind on they money and the money on they mind,

the paper trail means grind!,
go where the money is
stop wasting yo time!

I'm running out of time as I run up this bill they signed a bill on that say I gotta pay...
uncle sam gon get his on his payday...
I can't wage the war. poor.
Cyclone Oct 2020
Feelings are overrated these days
and logic is underrated

I'm so far gone,..
I'm just gon say this...
as one of the elect
knowing my power, and who I am-
**** the election..

it's ones that know my power
and are jealous and want it

do they know what I can do to them?!,
you know what?..
Imma just keep my cool,
hope for free college-
flirt with that college sister with that scholarship
trying to stay focused

to me she's hopeless running around
looking for that "did it on his own" college educated 4.0 gpa straight edge lifestyle class act type *****

she has no class,
been late to class,
really reminding me of that College Dropout classic ****,

when it "All Falls Down",
don't come back to me looking for a come up,
check your country grammar and remain that teacher's pet,

I got that 2020 vision,
with ways to get paid in 2020,
see it play out- these ******* come running when they see you!,

****** told me that they thots
that should be thoughts
remaining at the back of my head and off my **** cause where were they when I had no *** to **** in and really needed the time to think?,

these hoes are just bots
that "this just in" claim they care about what I think, *****, I'm living carefree!
Cyclone Sep 2020
I love creativity cause it creates my world.
If I couldn't create, maybe me and you couldn't relate; cause don't I have the ability
to create your situation for my shoes in my world?!

It'll still fit me and it'll look fly to you
cause it touches your spirit
and keeps you motivated to seek your own.

Then you can create that reality,
and in that reality me and you will surely coexist cause couldn't I relate?!
This was our fate.

If it wasn't for me, I couldn't create
your reality for me or the story.
Without you, we wouldn't have your reality
or our life changing experience
I credit for my success as you credit for yours;
yes, it's reverse!

For better or worst,
we created this for ourselves and each other.
This is something the FATHER
of creation knows all too well.
Wouldn't you agree?
Cyclone Aug 2020
Write for the future to erase the past,
run out of ink.. it's not my last pen,
it's pending!,

penmanship and companionship,
we collab and know the aftermath
put us in the current,

was I ready for the world
cause I'm scared for the world now?!,
will I die for this ****?!,

I used to say I'd ride for this ****
till they pulled me off the road and I'm tired,
I was hardwired to fight back and tried,

didn't try hard enough!!..
so does it matter if I say that your life even matters?!,

I was running out of answers,
plus I want nothing to do with the clueless,
useless time that's a waste!..

I'd rather make haste and abide by the rules,
that GOD made for you and me..
the things I try to get you to see...
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