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S Kumar Sep 2020
‘Good Morning’ welcome you
It’s such a very cool morning
Hear madrigals and birds singhing
Whenever you awake
Either you get up early or late
Tought time to be out from blanket
Wish you qualify your test to out
Sun is struggling to out from fog
Just like you trying to out from mattress
Its test for you and sun
Good day ahead for both of you……………
S Kumar Sep 2020
Don’t deviate from criticize
Either incitement or incentive
Introspect thy appropriate
Your’s fortitude will close critic’s mouth
Knowledge is worshipped either be north or south
You know ‘you are right’
Believe in perseverance and fight
Take their criticize as tonic
Don’t think more, better to be right
Yes. glaze yours introspection
Don’t fear from intimidation
Your wisdom will effulgent
Either you be talkative or reticent…..
S Kumar Sep 2020
Some time we do the things to satisfy our ego
We give its nomenclature to welfare of society
We just say some other thing to justify
Its other thing society is benefitted
But our core purpose to satisfy our ego
To bend some one is our purpose
If the person is senior we become silent
If the same is junior we do the lecture
Let try to balance our life
To make self and other merry
For the same thing we have double face
We may also go against mighty
But we have a fear to mar our joy……………………..
S Kumar Sep 2020
Our ego is great setback
Our inappropriate action lead to tension
Our inappropriate reaction make stressful
All person are of different nature
Many don’t understand proper reason
Other can’t go as our consideration
We may be right but unable to make understand
Some time people unable to understand
This is bad for humanity and society
Our work is under our control
If other don’t understand its inappropriate
Many remain silent to see wrong
It’s lack of proper education
Or lack of proper wisdom
Despite all things take it easy
Not fall in tension and try to be merry
At least we have protested wrong
It’s also a kind of achievement…………….
S Kumar Sep 2020
Magic of words is awesome
It can make peaceful to stressed person
It can also satisfy the advisor
It’s also a kind of help
Both are advantageous
It can be seen on both smily face
Its great help
If one can be make happy from words
Some time it is greater than monetary help
So its always  told
sympathy is better than gold
It’s eternal
Its glitters can not be terminated…………………
S Kumar Feb 2020
We are living in atomic era
No doubt it’s advantageous
But it’s more destructive
For living being and nature
Einstein had showed its destructive part
The earth is sitting on atom bomb
War has been never good
But atomic war will destroy, it’s sad
We must refrain destroying nature
If we can contribute to make green land
Love among all human being
Love to all living being properly
Then  human being may be purely merry…………..
S Kumar Feb 2020
Nothing secrecy in smiling
Nothing hiding from others
No feeling of treacherous
Not desire to destroy others
We can see in child smiling!
Fantastic and sacred feeling
Touching our mind and soothe
Providing internal mirth
Forget every  sorrowness
So nice and ecstatic moment!
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