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i've had a much better life than most, just playing with house money, if i needed to cash in my chips today, im good
MT Browder Nov 11
sometimes a fresh coat of paint can cover all the pain from the past
MT Browder Nov 10
there is zero chance
      that nothingness exists
            nothing is impossible
MT Browder Nov 9
you left before
i could tell you
in my prayers
             i know
we will have eternity
to discuss the reason
if you can't hear what
             is in my heart now
MT Browder Nov 8
before we go any further you tribe of so called poets, can we be weird friends without it getting weird
MT Browder Nov 8
i write
what is me
me is me
you is you
if you read me
even a little
hate to say
a little of me
is in you now
don't waste it
like i did
MT Browder Nov 7
im somewhere between
elvis and hee haw
buggs and ******-doo
stooges and a-team
price is right and johnny carson
dallas and ****** she wrote
fred sanford and archie bunker
channel 6 and 8 and 12
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