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MT Browder Mar 3
if i could lay the lines
the total of my heart
if i could stream the emotions
of the secrets of my thought
if i could tell you the feelings
that give my stomach knot
i would be king of the world
if it was my love you sought
MT Browder Feb 23
insomnia and hazy skies bloodshot my eyes
sirens of collective fears ring in my ears
the rot of unkempt boroughs stings my nose
graffiti called art is plastered on my heart
tears and slave chains drag through my veins
homelessness and mangy mutt fill my bloated gut
but my clothes finest sold and my crown solid gold
Not mother nature, our cities on the inside are sometimes sad places, but they like to show a different side to the world.
MT Browder Feb 19
if I could get one just one
just one
just one
small thought of me
in your mind tonight
in your mind tonight
it would change the world
change the world
change the
change the  
world tonight
the world tonight
  Feb 17 MT Browder
She never fooled you.
You knew exactly what she was,
and loved her anyways.
I don't claim to have written this but I found it on a meme and thought it was beautiful.
MT Browder Feb 15
quantum entanglement i assume
spooky movements in the room
your photons...blazing
your vibrations...amazing
your frequency...tuned
my mind...consumed
MT Browder Feb 15
i could meet you a thousand times
in a thousand lives
and still love you a thousand times
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