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MT Browder Apr 11
the complainer's eye is blind to all that is kind and loved and beautiful and delicious, how horrible an must be an addiction
MT Browder Apr 10
within perfection
tested and raw
the critic's eye
will find flaw
MT Browder Mar 31
how strong
the words that mocked Him
the thorns that crowned Him
the scourge that slashed Him
the cross that held Him
the nails and spear that pierced Him
how weak
the grave that couldn't hold Him
MT Browder Mar 3
you want me to say it
but you don't
you want me to do it
but you don't
you want me
but you don't
you don't
and it's your loss
MT Browder Mar 3
believe none of what you hear
half of what you see
and absolutely none of what you hear from me
MT Browder Feb 20
my superpower is quite unique
not power to protect the weak
not some bug of bat want to be
not some wonder or super bee
i can be forgotten in a second
the power of memory stealth i reckon
you will not recall any of me...ever
and in nothingness i will live forever
  Feb 14 MT Browder
Grace E
I speak lightly ‘round certain ears
For though they listen
They do not hear
So my lips I mute
My words I keep
The shallow, you see
Can never comprehend the deep
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