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Skylar Mar 23
When I need you
My world
You cheated
your life
You held
the knife
over my throat
& I suffocate 
By your love.
Skylar Mar 11
The touch of your hand was as cold as ice
so was your beautiful mind
I don’t know what made you so cold
I’ll teach you how to love
I’ll teach you how to feel.
Excerpt for a poem.
Skylar Mar 10
I tripped and cut myself trying to get to catch up to you,
From you running away from me to
And now there’s shattered glass glittering everywhere like stars.
And blood on my hands.
Excerpt for a poem I’m working on
Skylar Mar 10
I want to write poems
On your skin
With my lips.
Skylar Mar 8
My love,
Your madness
Has it's way of keeping us together.
Skylar Mar 8
You were looking at me like a God
Then It came to me,
You’re my religion.
Skylar Mar 6
I found my soulmate
In a Lover.
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