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Skylar Aug 27
I can't overdose if your not there with me.
Skylar Aug 20
Chemical names, names of fire & light delicate names like bones in the body, names that are changing, names Noones ever able to figure out, names of spells & hexes names cursed quietly under breath or called out loudly,  Calling you inside again, calling you home, names written in gold on yellowing Books& photographs or embossed on envelopes, names called out on water names I called you behind your back, sour & sweet,
Delicious  secret & unrepeatable, names of flowers that only open once then share their beauty then die, names shouted from rooftops or muffled by pillow, or whispered under breath, I try, a happy ending?  I'll call you darling, hold you tight, We are traitors & liers, when the lights go out
it's dark my sweetheart is that you,  There are no tears, I've cried enough,
No pictures of him, but his name on tape, his name on a envelope, the soft sound of body's falling off a bridge, behind you the body's hardly even make a sound, the waters of the dead,ever lover in the form of stars all night allnight I stretched my arms across him rivers of blood, tell me how this ends love too will ruin us,  I'm bleeding , there's smashed glass glittering everywhere like stars, it's graveyard, the dark woods, singing with all my skin & bone, please keep him safe,  makes a cathedral, him pressing against me, his lips at my neck  and yes I do believe his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me like stars, names of collision in the dark, names like paincries, names forgotten & overused your name is like a song, your name is like a box where i keep my love, I'm saying your name at dawn, your name is a profound sadness when it's said far away, we have nothing left as the river rises and there's a fire in the distance, I came to tell you to swim in the water, well swim as if there's something beneath the waves, our bodies shivering the sound of our breathing, and the shore far away, farewell to everything, names of poison names of handguns names of pills, names of places we've been together names of people we'd be together names of endurance names of devotion, names of places all the names of our dark heaven,  darling this is not heaven, if there was one thing I can save from the fire it would your breath on my neck, kisses as they burn along my spine, your hands on me, our bodies wet, clothes clinging, I'll be right there, I'm waiting, goodnight, Here is my heart, my throat, my wrist, the final shadow that will close my eyes & instantly untie my soul from lies, and flattery death find its way, yet my soul won't leave its memory of love there on the shore where it has burned, my flame can swinm cold water, leave there body, never the desire, there will ashe, dust inlove.
Skylar Aug 19
I loved you,
& perhaps
I love you still
The flame
Perhaps is not extinguished; yet
it burns so quietly within my soul,
No longer you should feel distressed,
Silently & hopelessly
I loved you,
Sometimes so hard, jealous & too shy
I hope you find another who will love you
as tenderly & truthfully as I,
Skylar Jul 24
The day I stop writing poetry about you
is the day I know that I've moved on.
Skylar Jul 6
The last time I seen you we met with a hi,
the last time I left you we left with a Goodbye.
My darling,
For the last time,
kiss me
I must go now.
Skylar Jul 5
I hear people burning in hell,
It's great here,
Except for the smell,
It smells of
this dead lady's perfume
  that lingers in this room,
Fills this empty room with death & perfum,
Staring out the prison bars
The beautiful
fire lights up hells
Night sky,
Wishing to be free at last
blood dripping down the
like tears
washing away my darkest fears .
I cant escape my past
From this
The hell fire.
Version 1
Skylar Jul 5
Flogg me,
bind me,
bond me,
devour me,
empower me,
Pour me
Drink me
"Love me".
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