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Dre Poetry Sep 2019
She's that type,
Smiling in pain hype,
Dancing with broken leg,
And love with a hurt heart.    

She's that type,
The one you broke hers heart,  
But loved with every broken piece,
And loves with a bleeding heart.  

She's that type,
Who doesn't hit you with facts,
Even with **** evidence,
She watches you slam her heart,
And loves with a gloomy heart.    

She's that type,
A time will come when,
She can't hold it no more,
But walk away with tears drying,
She'll not love with a wound
Dre Poetry Sep 2019
A disease downed on African land, streams of blood low
Down the valley of pain not one not two
Swords falling on their tongues
Bullets penetrating their skins
Through their heart.

A meadow falling short of sweetness
African Earth turned African hell
Tears that flood the rivers
Add up day by day
It's ****** phobia
Stripping and strapping the black
Skin, drops of blood that's black facing
The ground.

Bodies of loving innocent soul
Laid on the floor of African land,
The land of honey now sour
Seats are thorny, hot and
Burns our buttocks
Why all these?
No black is stranger in Africa
No, not black man!
Dre Poetry Sep 2019
I crave for you here
It's not enough staying
Alone here
It breaks my heart
It makes me wanna have you
Every minute, mama.

I walked out to his house
He's loving and caring mom
He gives me all I need but
But can't give me one thing
She can't give me your affection.
He can't show me the path you did
Show me, mama

My husband is loving
He walks home early with
His beards dancing from
A bright face he shows
The nights are never boring in bed
But, one thing he can't give you gave.

He washes dishes when I'm low
Drives me to a beach when bored
He washes my curvy dark body
But mama, the affection
The feeling ain't mutual
His fragrance ain't yours
Dre Poetry Sep 2019
The light shade
The skin invisible
Sword blown in air
And necks splash blood
The land of beauty filled with blood
All over the ground
Not spears nor arrows
Sword nor machetes
Not bullet nor bombs
Lives shading and fading away.

The African world losing sight
Losing unity and love
It's been turned on to a shadow of pain
Striking hardworking souls
On the heads
Bodies lay on the tarmacs
Turning it red
Blood flood the way
Why this Africa?
Lost love here here.
Dre Poetry Sep 2019
She's down to earth with
Flourished tears flooding
Her face
Not seen in the lights
They're only visible under her roof
She doesn't talk, speak, raise
She's just self centered, in cries.

The floor under her roof
Is *****, with litter floating
On tears
With written papers that have
Never had any other person's sight
A load of odour smell flash
From the unwashed dishes, deep.

She doesn't smile nor laugh
Her moments filled with hallucinations
She's got a craving for death
As she thinks she deserves not
The next day, not even today
Depressed, suicide driven
Facing her dream bed, six feet down.
Dre Poetry Sep 2019
This letter dives to you luck
I'm tired of waiting and hoping
I'm tired of getting inspired and being
Promised that you'll fall by my path
I'm tired of reading you in papers and
Not seeing you on my calendar
I'm tired and just tired luck.

Days go by and the salt evaporates away
My soul yearns to see you fall on to
My rough hands, I've been sitting under
The hot sun and the rains hit my head so
Hard, but still you wouldn't show up
The worms in my stomach screamed to sleep
My buttocks placed on a hard surface for
A long wait, but you just have no mercy

Never show up again
I'm break the oath I took never to
Give up on you
I'll rely on reality and face the rough end
I'll get punched by the thorns until
I see the far end of the tunnel, with light
Luck, you're a disappointment
You're not welcomed ever again.

— The End —