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What makes you happy?

It's waking up in the morning
Next to the favorite person I know
It's a having a sip of good coffee
While watching the rain from my window

It's thinking of what to cook for dinner
While shopping in the market
It's sleeping in the evening
Smelling the scent of my favorite blanket

It's the feeling of having to play
The favorite game with my friends
Telling strategies on how to win
As the school hours are about to end

It's taking a nap in the noon
After a great lunch in the canteen
Wishing it will be dinner soon
So i'll have your favorite food again

It's being chosen everyday
Even if conversations turned out so bad
Saying good mornings like nothing happened
it's a waste of time being mad
Look at how big that smile of yours,
as you un-box that pizza of happiness
I would trade all those **** body goals,
with a cute smile like a goddess

But please don't forget to share with me
when there's too many food at your side
You always neglect my existence
when hearing food delivery has arrived

Let me have one of those slices please
We know you can't finish them all alone
Hey, I ordered those fries and ice cream
Why am I only getting the ketchup and cone?
Let's eat good food together,
Forget about getting fat.
You actually look a thousand times cuter,
If you stretch your chubby cheeks like that.

You know it doesn't matter to me
If you are not skinny like the others
All I want is to see you happy
Even if you are now having your 4th burger.
Your weird hand writings are still precious words to my eyes,
Since those are sincere and doesn't contain any lies.

Your unwashed morning face is the beauty that I always wanted to see,
Man! I don't know but your imperfections are your most attractive features to me.
One of the things I look forward to everyday,
Is hearing good morning from your lips.
Those maybe just simple words to you,
But it's an energy for my whole day to keep.
Don't let other people
Dictate who you will be
Unless it's for the better
then change is necessary

Just because they are rude
doesn't mean you have to blend
by letting bad deeds influence you
will bring your good side to an end

Just because they're angry
doesn't mean there is hate
maybe they cared for you
and their emotions complicate

Just because they doubt you
doesn't mean they're looking down
show them what you're capable of
that you're the fastest ***** in town

Just because you're sad
doesn't mean it is the end
sadness is only temporary
go look for a family or a friend

When you are jealous of others
just give yourself a break
take note that jealousy is a normal feeling
what you feel is not a mistake

When you regret about something
well, there are things you cannot alter
learn the value of acceptance
move on and start a new chapter
"Things don't always go,
To the way you want them to be,
When outcomes can no longer be changed,
You have to accept them wholeheartedly,

When you can't revise a situation
Try changing yourself instead
For tomorrow might bring you happiness
Just believe of the better things ahead "
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