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Carmel Sep 2019
Everywhere, today, the school was broken
Broken in fragmented silent seats
Assembly became an emergency token
Crumbled and clumsy, cacophony coffin

God bless his soul is too easily spoken
questions need answers
and everyone seeks

Why did he do it? It’s a human compunction
to want to know - why did the eaglet
break his own wings?
Why did the eaglet? Why did the eaglet?

And when all is over
and school is all out
we will see
the ants
on my classroom floor
were affected by this
Dedicated to one of my learners who took his life
Carmel Aug 2019
It changes shape; it changes colour; grief my friend; it changes you
The clock will tick, but time won't heal
Those words they say, aren't always real
The healing, though, is in the feel
The feel of tears, the feel of someone's
comforting embrace
The softest word with gentle grace
The lightest touch
Sun on your face
Your mother's smile in someone's face
Her words that echo on your path
Lighting your way
Out of the dark

As years tick on, and comfort comes
You'll see her face right through the fog

And comfort comes right through the dark
As beauty beckons her to your heart.
Written for my friend after her mother passed suddenly

— The End —